On the THIRD day of Christmas…@vangoghvodka

My True Love gave to me… 3 brand new Van Gogh Vodkas! Blue + Cool Peach + Dark Chocolate.

Van Gogh’s bottles and gift packages are beautiful gifts for a host or hostess, spouse, or friend.


For the perfect martini before dinner

 Martini lovers, vodka connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike will swoon over a bottle of Van Gogh BLUE, the world’s first vodka made from three international wheat sources (central France, southern Germany and Zeeland in Holland).  Hand-crafted in Holland, this triple distilled, triple wheat vodka has an exceptionally smooth, polished taste with a neutral flavor full of subtle nuances from the three European grains.

For under $30, this is probably the best holiday gift you can bring to a party as a versatile cocktail base every host is sure to appreciate. Or wrap up with a bow and gift to the vodka lover on your list.

Looking to mix it up a little?  Try one of Van Gogh’s authentically flavored vodkas including Açai-Blueberry, Double Espresso®, Dutch Caramel, Pomegranate and Dutch Chocolate.

In addition to BLUE, Van Gogh recently introduced two new flavors:Rich Dark Chocolate, a decadent and complex vodka with hints of coffee and chili pepper, and Cool Peach, a succulently sweet vodka full of ripe peach flavors and a hint of mint.

Drink up mes amis!