@Elliot_Avianne & Co. Holiday Party GoldBar

Even though A$AP Rocky couldn’t get in last night, me and Leaura strutted right into GoldBar and it was in full swing for Holiday Festivities! The event was hosted by diamond experts Avianne & Co. Our friends Bari Cosmetics made sure everyone when home with sparkly Crackle + Ice nail polish in every gift bag.

The Jewelers… 🙂

Hey DJ Jove!

Pure Ice Crackle + Ice

@Modelisque (Miss Imani, Mag Writer) and Rae (SFPL founder)!

Stuff Fly People Like

The Crew

Stylist @MiaQuinnTop Model (@camillemcdonald) meets Mob Wives (@carlafacciolo)

Avianne and Co. is a diamond jewelry company located in New York’s diamond district with a heritage of excellence that has spanned for over a decade. The family owned operation has been a staple in the entertainment industry creating handcrafted and original pieces for musicians, athletes, actors and the like. Their most recent spokesperson was Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx who represented their previous watch line and showcased it on Oprah. Foxx also gifted fellow actor and activist, Tom Cruise with a trademark watch which he still wears to this day. Similarly, Avianne and Co. promoted their previous women’s line with actress Jamie Pressly, who was also featured in their last women’s ad campaign.

Presently, the company is featured in the current season of Love & Hip-Hop as the go-to jewelers for rapper Jim Jones and fiance Chrissy. For more information go to www.avianneandco.com or contact cw@msdramaentertainment.com.