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    Fun times with @BariBeauty and @RimmelLondonUS

    I usually stick to shades of red or pink when it comes to nail polish, but as I was brushing my teeth the other day, I glanced over at my lil basket of nail polish and there were a few Bari Cosmetics nail polishes that I hadn’t tried yet, that caught my eye… especially the glittery one, that one really caught my eye. I also had a cute pink Rimmel London nail polish that I hadn’t tried yet, so I figured, since I was in the mood to “explore” nail polish, why not invite it to the “party.” left hand right hand left hand with the glitter top coat right…

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    @BariBeauty – Pure Ice Winter Crackle and Ice Duo – Silver Glitter with Teal Crackle

    I love the crackle duos that you can choose from Pure Ice, and one of my favorites is the silver glitter under layer (Beware) and teal crackle (Strike a Pose). The duo also includes a mini nail file! So cute. First, I put two coats of Beware on, let it dry, applied a more thicker coat of Strike a Pose, let it dry, and then applied a clear topcoat. Of course you can choose how much crackle you want! This teal color looks great with summer almost here. Check out the pictures below and go to Bari Cosmetics for many other polishes & products. Without flashWith flash ‘Like’ Bari Beauty…

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    @BariBeauty – Pure Ice in Strapless & No Means No

    I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint my nails in only glitter or mix two colors together so I did both. Pure Ice Strapless is a blue glitter that will make your nails sparkle. You will have to put on a few thick layers but in the end it’s totally worth it. On my other hand I put two light layers of No Means No (blog I did on No Means No recently) and dabbed Strapless on with a makeup sponge (I put more glitter on the tip of the nails so that way you can still see the other polish). I like Strapless on by itself but I…

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    What’s in your @ClaireaBellaLtd

    Summer is just around the corner and ClaireaBella wants to go where you go!  Whether you are heading to Atlantic City, the Hamptons or Coney Island – get ready to meet your new favorite tote bag.  On the outside, a personalized look just for you complete with adorable bows, sparkly Swarovski, shimmery glitter and your personality. Now on the inside, that’s totally up to you. What’s in your ClaireaBella? ClaireaBella, it is a popular handbag line from the UK is now making its big debut in the US!  The line has quickly gained momentum and a strong following in the United Kingdom. ClaireaBella bags have become a celebrity necessity in the UK with…

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    @BariBeauty – Pure Ice in No Means No & Beware

    Here’s a nice shade of purple that I recommend. It has a bit of shimmer to it so it’s not dull-looking.  It’s also like a dark fuchsia when you apply 2 coats. I also added some glitter to see what it would look like. Here is Pure Ice in Beware. I don’t like too much glitter so that’s why I took a makeup sponge and dabbed just enough on each nail so it didn’t look like too much. Of course, you can wear the No Means No alone. 🙂 Check out Bari Cosmetics for many other polishes & products. ‘Like’ Bari Beauty on Facebook & ‘Tweet’ @BariBeauty

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    @BariBeauty – Pure Ice in French Kiss

    Now here is a great color that everyone should try. French Kiss is a true blue color that will make your nails pop! I recommend applying 2 coats but you can get away with 1. It’s only $1.99 and it goes on so smooth. It’s a great year-round color! Check out Bari Cosmetics for many other polishes & products. ‘Like’ Bari Beauty on Facebook & ‘Tweet’ @BariBeauty