What’s in your @ClaireaBellaLtd

Summer is just around the corner and ClaireaBella wants to go where you go!  Whether you are heading to Atlantic City, the Hamptons or Coney Island – get ready to meet your new favorite tote bag.  On the outside, a personalized look just for you complete with adorable bows, sparkly Swarovski, shimmery glitter and your personality.
Now on the inside, that’s totally up to you.
What’s in your ClaireaBella?

ClaireaBella, it is a popular handbag line from the UK is now making its big debut in the US!  The line has quickly gained momentum and a strong following in the United Kingdom. ClaireaBella bags have become a celebrity necessity in the UK with fans from UK Pop Idol, Big Brother and The Only Way is Essex.  ClaireaBella bags are personalized to eachowner’s personality and features. Bags are hand painted with a caricature, tailored to the customer’s specification (hair length, hair color, eye color).

Claireabella bags are 100% unique, fully hand-painted and made with love by Claire Barratt.