@MadMen_AMC Recap: Far Away Places

“It’s over” should have been the title of today’s episode. Peggy (Elisabeth Moth) gets kicked off of the Heinz project for getting dramatically emotional in front of a pitch when left alone in the board room. I guess Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has an even bigger influence in the office than he thinks. But how can you blame him when he’s so busy fawning over Megan (Jessica Pare.)

Roger Sterling (John Slattery) tries a stab at LSD with his wife Jane (Peyton List) and the two realize they’ve fallen out of love. She says, “I knew we were going somewhere, and I didn’t want it to be here.” Too bad you can’t take back the words you say, no matter what you were on last night. I’m super excited for this break-up because I’m still hopeful Roger and Joan (Christina Hendricks) will finally tie the knot! Who’s got their fingers crossed with me?

On another note, it looks like Don and Megan might finally be falling off the ‘newly weds’ high. They run out of work to catch a weekend getaway and Don decides where they go, where they stay, what they eat, down to what dessert they’re having. Megan can’t hide her frustration and does the one thing Don can’t stand — embarrass him in public.

It’s actually kind of hilarious how often she does this. Remember the birthday party? Anyway, she makes such a huge deal out of this that Don literally drives away and leaves her at the bed and breakfast! She finds her own way home and Don freaks out for the next seven hours, realizing how much he can’t bear losing her. But how much is this incredible passion putting a dent in his professional life? Bert Cooper (Robert Morse) couldn’t have said it better, “You’ve been on love-leave.”