HCB #49: Tomato… Tom-ah-to

I know it’s been a HOT minute since I gave you guys some food posts but I’ll be honest, I haven’t been eating anything all that exciting. Bagels, bagels and more bagels, and the occasional veggie samosa. I know, sooo BAD. Whatever. Between school and piecing together this very interesting puzzle called life; I haven’t had any time to cook…

the flavors were starting to get friendly…
time to bring it all together…

HOWEVER,  last night I brought a couple veggies together and made a DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS vegan friendly tomato pasta sauce, that had me licking my lips, chin AND bowl after I was done. Mmm t’was GOOD.

mmm deeee-LISH!

Happy cooking lovelies.
peace and love
ps: I know it’s kinda late, but I hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving Canada!
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