Get that New New @lushcosmetics

I have always loved LUSH and walked by 10000 times in Toronto on Queen Street and then in New York on 14th Street. This place is fantastic and also Canadian!  I have received their multi-tier soaps and sizzling bath bombs as Christmas presents but I have yet to be an avid user… That is until now!

Maybe this one little tin will replace everything in my bathroom…

My girl Fatema keeps her top hair secrets ‘under wraps’ but I have no doubt in my mind when she told me about the NEW shampoo that makes your hair grow beautifully.


There’s nothing new about our stimulating cinnamon and clove shampoo bar. But, it is incredibly effective at giving you thicker, shinier hair and invigorating your scalp. When stress or life goes to your head, our shampoo will encourage hair growth and motivated tired scalps with spice and mint oils. It’s intense, (in the best possible way), but works wonders on irritated scalps or hair that’s thinning. Rosemary and nettle herbs rejuvenate, and make your hair shiny and soft as a feather. All of this, in one little beautifully fragranced spice bar; are you ready for a NEW shampoo?
  • Bar on top: Customer and staff favorite, NEW is perfectly suited to all hair types, not just those who are feeling follicly challenged.
  • A force to be reckoned with: Herbs and spice, and everything minty and nice for shiny, healthy hair and scalps.
  • Spice up your life: We use cinnamon leaf oil to stimulate your follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.

I totally can’t wait to try this!!

You can get it here