@MadMen_AMC Recap: Tea Leaves

OMG Betty (January Jones) is fat. Like can’t fit in her already huge dress kind of fat. It doesn’t help that she’s eating a second helping of ice cream. But she might even have a tumor? Looks like the wives in the 70s aren’t as desperate and are definitely better fed. But the new Mrs. Draper can’t really pair up when handling a double date for Heinz with Don (Jon Hamm). Don and Harry (Rich Sommer) join forces to get The Rolling Stones for their next project. They creep into a concert and stand out like sore thumbs. Obviously nothing good comes out of it, except Harry wets his tongue over some teenagers.

Peggy gets assigned to grab a new copywriter for the Mohawk account. While shopping for talent she interviews a crazy erratic die-hard Jewish writer named Michael Ginsberg. She totally offends him by talking about Don Draper and what the biz is like and has no idea how rude he’s being. Well, sort of. He said something like, “I insulted you because I’m honest and I apologized because I’m brave.” Roger forces her to hire him, and says something about needing Jewish writers. He also noted that they smell like pee, don’t submit to authority, and some other stuff that sort of appear true.

After the whole Rolling Stones ordeal, Don doesn’t want to meet Megan’s young and worry-free friends while he’s stressing about Betty’s health and the status of his company. The office hires the quirky writer after he plugs in “the letter” Don wrote that time about cigarettes. Good play! But I really feel bad for Peggy. Not only does she have the laziest art director working with her, now she has this obnoxious copywriter who’s already getting in with the partners. As Roger said, she needs to grow a penis.

Speaking about dicks, Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) steals the show by toasting to the Mohawk account and took away Roger’s only chance at contributing something. He leaves off saying, “When is everything gonna get back to normal?” I’m hoping with Joan returns. Or with Megan leaves. Or both.