Music eh! Sense aka New Kid

It’s time for Music eh! Which means it’s time for Sense aka New Kid!!!

I came across Sense’s music about a week ago… I know, I know, but I’ve come to terms with being ashamed of myself for sleeping on Canadian Hip Hop. I’m awake now, and I’m enjoying learning about and discovering all these talented artists. Anyway back to Sense, I spent about an hour… okay two, listening to music on his myspace page (listening right now), but I only needed to listen to Lord of The Kings once, to know that I needed to download his mixtape.

He says this one’s for the ladies! OWWW 🙂

This brother hails from Edmonton, Alberta in Western Canada, and has had a love for music ever since he was a little boy when he used to sing in church. He soon fell in love with Hip Hop and has been hooked ever since, and continues to amaze people with his different style and approach. We are all unique, and we are all different, but when you zone in on these unique qualities, some amazing things can happen. Sense has done just that. He knows what he’s working with, and he works it. You’ll hear me talk about an artists’ delivery, and that’s because I feel you can have dope lyrics, but if your delivery is whack then…you should either keep practising or… keep practising. Sense’s delivery? On point.

Download his mixtape Lord of The Kings, and Follow him! I did.

Are you fan? First time hearing about Sense?
peace, love and health
Did you know? Sense won the “Hip Hop Artist of The Year Award” for Canada at the Unsigned Hype Awards in Buffalo, NY. He also plans to treat us to an album this year, so look out for that!