Not just any stick for chapped lips…

Constantly living with you, delivering concentrated healing, a lip conditioner today should bear resemblance to its owner’s contemporary lifestyle, with full consciousness of the Earth’s offerings. Taking the best of what nature provides us, combining ingredients in a formulation edited to feel luxurious, gratifying and indulgent − especially in a time when we need it most.

Eschewing popular, but toxic cosmetic ingredients like petroleum and formaldehyde, LIPSTOCKTM CREAM is handmade fresh with a soft blend of 13 natural and organically grown ingredients, including watermelon seed oil, organic shea butter, green tea antioxidants and vitamin E.

At a purse-friendly price, LIPSTOCKTM CREAM provides on-the-spot pampering with a smooth, creamy texture and a satin finish, resulting in a rich application of lasting, balanced care for the delicate skin of the lips.


  • non-mass produced, containing no fillers, toxins, or lab-created chemicals with indecipherable names
  • hand-manufactured fresh in the U.S. in small quantities, with a focus on the quality of ingredients employed, their formulation processes and effectiveness on the delicate skin of the lips
  • thinking out-of-the-box, and to the delight of consumers, product is wrapped in a candy-inspired, biodegradable wax paper


Available online at Free shipping for every retail order of 2 tubes or more.

Your lips speak volumes as a catalyst for courage.

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