Event LOVE: Skinnygirl Summer Social Tweet-Up #SkinnyGirlTO

What can I say about the Skinnygirl event last night…? I had too much fun. I don’t know if it had something to do with the weather, the Skinnygirl cocktails, the people and/or the yummy hors d’oeuvres, but I had a blast!  A number of us gathered at the Drake Hotel on queen street for the Skinnygirl launch tweet-up party where we got to try the new lineup of Skinnygirl cocktails. I tried the entire lineup of Skinnygirl cocktails, but once I tried the Skinnygirl Sangria, that was my drink for the rest of the night… so good!

love! Septembre’s twist out was amazing!

love casie’s lil scarf!

such a pretty dress 🙂

a sea of brownie pops! soooo good!

i love this pic!

love her shoes

Tinashe you’re so awesome!

their purses were giving me life!

I’m a sucker for a cute shoulder bag


is it just me, or was everybody glowing?? love it.

the cosmos were delicious!

So many good laughs with Christina, Tinashe and Patricia!

Thank you for inviting us!

peace and love