K9-GH: Anti Aging Supplements for Dogs

If you have a dog over the age of 8, you will notice that he is not the same as when he was a puppy. Maybe he is less hyper or perhaps their level of GH has just been reduced. GH means Growth Hormone and once your dog reached maturity, it starts to diminish.

“Behind The Scenes” for canine anti-aging product “K9-GH” from Thomas Ali on Vimeo.

K9-GH treats are suppose to help with your dogs muscles, sleep, energy, hair, digestion, breathing and even mental improvement.  Too good to be true? You can try it – I am giving 2 a day to Jacob because he is now 7 years old.

Since the production of GH is directly linked to the health of every bone, organ and cell, we are now able to assist any body (human or animal) in defending itself against the ravages of aging and allow it to get back to a perfect state of health and harmony. Just one chewable K9-Gh wafer each day establishes the foundation for good health and longevity by restoring Nature’s essential nutrients in one great tasting supplement. All of the nutrients work synergistically together to produce optimal results.


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