• My Dog Jacob

    8 is the new 5 I’m so Hot Still @Arknaturals Treats

    …better crib, better food better automobiles…!  Jacob just turned 8 this year but he is still often mistaken for a puppy by people we meet. His energy level, health and attitude is still playful and happy and I attribute this to his diet and also some great supplements and all natural human-grade food we feed him!   If 60 is the new 40 in human years, then why shouldn’t 15 be the new 10 in dog years. Recognizing that dogs – like their human companions – are indeed living longer and more fulfilling lives than ever before, a new brand of delicious vet-recommended soft chews called Gray Muzzle has just been introduced specifically…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    Elimay Supplements for Dogs by @elimaypets

    We received these supplements today from our friends at Elimay! These are capsules for your dog that contain Omega 3, Vitamins and natural oils with a fish flavor. They contain a combination of herbs for immunity, Chemo detox, omegas, dextox and onco care. You can feed this to your dog in 3 ways. A dog can bite the gel capsule, or you can twist off the top and squeeze the contents into the food or they can swallow it. Jacob inspecting the capsule We will try it out and see how Jacob likes it! Find out more on http://www.elimaysupplements.com/ Elimay Supplements provides a range of daily-supplements with essential all-natural omegas, vitamins,…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    K9-GH: Anti Aging Supplements for Dogs

    If you have a dog over the age of 8, you will notice that he is not the same as when he was a puppy. Maybe he is less hyper or perhaps their level of GH has just been reduced. GH means Growth Hormone and once your dog reached maturity, it starts to diminish. “Behind The Scenes” for canine anti-aging product “K9-GH” from Thomas Ali on Vimeo. K9-GH treats are suppose to help with your dogs muscles, sleep, energy, hair, digestion, breathing and even mental improvement.  Too good to be true? You can try it – I am giving 2 a day to Jacob because he is now 7 years…

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  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    GreenDog Natural Supplements @RainbowLightNS

    For the past week, Jacob’s daily meal included supplements from Green Dog Naturals from Rainbow Supplements. He LOVES it. It is really a surprise to me because ‘healthy’ treats are usually not his favorite. When I opened the moist treats, his tail was already wagging and he was oh so so curious about sniffing the contents!  A welcomed addition to help him reduce shedding!! Active Omega™ Soft Chew provides your dog optimal support for skin, coat, cardiovascular health and normal brain function in a convenient, easy-to-digest soft chew formulated with Omega 3, 6 and 9 that provides 187mg Omega 3 fatty acids proven beneficial for heart and brain health. Your…

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