Stomping around in @JackLily_shoes

A very special post from my sister in Edmonton!

When little feet start pitter-pattering, it’s time for shoe shopping! Scott started walking just before his first birthday, right as spring arrives and we want to get outside. In choosing his first ‘real’ footwear, I wanted shoes that are light but well built, with good ankle support that will help those toddling steps before confident strides and eventually full-out sprints. There are several ‘pre-walkers’ that’s ideal, except my son’s got big feet. His first pair of runners were size 5.5.

We came across Jack and Lily and decided to try them. There is a wide selection in styles and colours and we picked the Argyle Whites. When they arrived in the mail, I was delighted first of all with the cute little box they come in, complete with a clear window and a handle on top. The shoes themselves are fantastic. Lightweight, with a sturdy yet thin sole, these little guys are well made works of art.

Instead of the single digit sizing, Jack and Lily has a range of months sizing, much like kids clothing. For us, the shoes were a little big for now, so we will have to save them for a while til Scott grows into them. I am curious to see how well the soles hold up on slippery surfaces as it does not have many ridges that works as anti-skidding.

We will let you know in a couple months!

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