Detoxing…..not just for weight loss!

Being a sugar addict, caffeine junkie and fast food queen, it was all catching up fast. I needed and wanted to rejuvenate my body. I came across Hacienda Del Sol Yoga and Detox Retreat in Costa Rica on the internet. Next day after bragging to my friends and coworkers about the cleanse I booked to lose weight they were astonished. They couldn’t believe I would use my vacation time to detox in the middle of the jungle with a daily schedule of juices, 2 colonics, and hours of mediation, just didn’t seem fun to them.  A month later I was off to Costa Rica. As I arrived we jumped right in to detox mode and I’m given coconut water, (of course my mouth was watering for a fountain Diet Coke)….so I drank the coconut water. It was truly thirst quenching!


 The first night we were served raw lasagna. It was the best raw food I had ever had, well to be honest the only raw food I have ever had. Made with a spinach walnut pesto, fresh tomatoes, zucchini and other goodness, it was simply delectable! First day was tough and some of the juices you just had to shoot like tequila.



  Mediation and being in silence daily was very peaceful and the colonics….well do I need to go there? After the third day I did hit a wall and wanted to leave I was crawling out of my skin without pinterest, Iphone, and my Starbucks. After crying, kicking and calling United to check on flights nothing panned out. I was stuck. The Universe  knew I needed to stay and walk through the healing process.  From that day forward I gave 110% of my energy (well the energy I had left after my daily colonics) to the trip that was going to change my number on the scale. As the days passed I found myself building relationships with people from all over the world, becoming content in my own skin, feeling vibrant, and looking at life in a different light. I went to lose a few extra pounds and lay out at the beach but instead received a life changing experience! I will be booking my next trip soon to Hacienda Del Sol…..and yes I did relapse on coffee.