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    Drink Up & Veg Out at KTCHN with Urban Greens Juice Cocktails

    Drink Up & Veg Out at KTCHN and The OUT Hotel with Urban Greens Premium Juice and Juice Cocktails Available from Jan 18th Make detoxing fun this January with Urban Greens’ new range of unique green juice cocktails available exclusively at KTCHN Restaurant and The OUT Hotel. A unique twist on brunch cocktails, the four specialty drinks are made from organic, raw juices and premium spirits and provide another choice to the ubiquitous Bloody Mary’s and mimosas. Available from Sunday 18th January, each deliciously fun and healthy cocktail will complement a Sunday brunch perfectly. ·       Beet Smash – $15 Hennessey + Urban Greens Beet juice + Muddled mint and orange…

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  • My Dog Jacob

    Elimay Supplements for Dogs by @elimaypets

    We received these supplements today from our friends at Elimay! These are capsules for your dog that contain Omega 3, Vitamins and natural oils with a fish flavor. They contain a combination of herbs for immunity, Chemo detox, omegas, dextox and onco care. You can feed this to your dog in 3 ways. A dog can bite the gel capsule, or you can twist off the top and squeeze the contents into the food or they can swallow it. Jacob inspecting the capsule We will try it out and see how Jacob likes it! Find out more on http://www.elimaysupplements.com/ Elimay Supplements provides a range of daily-supplements with essential all-natural omegas, vitamins,…

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    Detoxing…..not just for weight loss!

    Being a sugar addict, caffeine junkie and fast food queen, it was all catching up fast. I needed and wanted to rejuvenate my body. I came across Hacienda Del Sol Yoga and Detox Retreat in Costa Rica http://www.haciendadelsolcr.com/ on the internet. Next day after bragging to my friends and coworkers about the cleanse I booked to lose weight they were astonished. They couldn’t believe I would use my vacation time to detox in the middle of the jungle with a daily schedule of juices, 2 colonics, and hours of mediation, just didn’t seem fun to them.  A month later I was off to Costa Rica. As I arrived we jumped…

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    Xenadrine Cleanse Plus

    I saw this at CVS today and just had to try it… Experiments are so fun. 7 day cleanse. Let’s see what happens. It’s patent pending and here are the ingredients. Detox… here we go! Super Antioxidant Acai Plus -acai fruit concentrate – mango fruit – black currant fruit – Guava – Peach – Kiwi – Red Raspberry leaf – Senna Leaf extract -cascara sagrada bark – fennel seed – horse chestnut see -prickly pear leaf -bearberry leaf -fructooligosaccharides -gum arabic interesting… I’ll let you know how it goes ^_^