Happy Tummy @HolisticSelect

Holistic Select natural pet food is a dry dog food that focuses on the importance of digestive health! If your dog farts, it means there is something it can’t digest in their digestive tract!

When I first got Jacob, he had bad gas and it was so unbearable that I had to get to the bottom of it. I am happy to say that Jacob rarely ever farts now!

Holistic Select is the only natural pet food with a complete digestive health support system. We received a sample bag from our friends at Holistic Select and have been eating it for 1 week so far. Jacob really loves it and no gas
Head to tail health starts in the middle…and your dog deserves it 🙂
Kibble is great for healthy teeth and it is very easy to feed. Less messy than frozen, can or raw – It is a great option for a dry food for your dog.  So if you are looking for a super healthy pet food that stands for exactly what they mean, check out Holistic Select.
Jacob says, always read the ingredients!

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