The fauxny-tail: Fashion faux pas or hottest new trend?

Have you been watching this year’s Bachelorette? Emily Maynard shed some light on a new fashion option – the clip-on ponytail. Some people loved it and some people hated it, but there it was in all its glory at several of the rose ceremonies. Since Emily has her own flowing golden locks, many wondered what the purpose of the extension was. Couldn’t she just make her own ponytail? Sure, but in today’s fashion world, extensions are for all people.

When to wear a fauxny tail

When worn properly, hair extensions can be quite pretty. The ponytail, whether real or fake, is one of the hottest hair ideas of the year. Wear it high for an elegant evening look, short and casual for heading out around town or sleek and elegant like Emily. Anytime a ponytail is appropriate, a clip-on addition is appropriate as well.

Tips and tricks for making the fauxny look its best

The key to the clip-on ponytail is that it needs to look real to look good. Emily’s ponytail, while we all knew it was fake, perfectly matched her silken locks. Viewers knew she’d used extensions when they saw her hair grow by six inches seemingly overnight, but her new style looked real. Spend the money on a quality piece that matches your hair. Don’t be afraid to go curly if your hair is straight, but make sure the color matches. Next, be sure clips are hidden. Emily did this well by wrapping up her extensions with some of her real hair. You can also hide the clip by pulling strings of your own hair and the extension hair over it, pinning them in place with strategically placed bobby pins on the side of the head. With practice, you can easily hide the clip and style the ponytail as you see fit.

Once the clip is hidden, play with the ponytail to find the best style for your look. For a night out, consider a high ponytail or one down the back just like Emily’s. For everyday wear, the traditional middle-of-the-head ponytail looks great. You can even braid the extension to add to your hairstyle options. With the addition of hair extensions to your accessories, you add a number of options when it comes time to style your hair for work, Saturday errands or an evening out.