Flowers Me Up! @Thelittleglass

Need something to freshen up your office or home? Maybe come flowers will help!

For many of us, the long months of low temperatures have an affect on our psyche. Just like certain colors can boost our mood, so too can scents.
Brooklyn based Florist Cary Pereyra of The Little Glass Slipper has created a floral arrangement that includes herbal components to help lift your spirits during the winter.

Gardenias: They have a warm scent and one bloom can perfume a large space very quickly.
Seeded eucalyptus: Eucalyptus has been used in a variety of commercial preparations to help battle respiratory infections since it is antibacterial and antiviral.
Roses: The essential oil of rose petals is distilled to create rose water. Rose water has an astringent quality to it that can be used on sensitive and dry skin. It has also shown to be effective as an anti aging treatment when used as a prevention against wrinkles.
Dried Poppy Pods: Californian poppy in particular is a mildly less potent narcotic than opium poppy and helps with insomnia and soothing respiratory conditions.