Flawless Skin with Olisa @OaainNYC and @Cellnique

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You may never have heard of Cellnique Paramedical before. Neither had I prior to them sending me a couple of their products to try. The skin care line originated in Malaysia and now has products for sale in the U.S. Cellnique’s products are formulated through “a meticulous process, which includes in-clinic formulation combined with the power of biologically active ingredients, natural plant extracts, antioxidants and a bio-active delivery system.”
I tried the Advanced Bio Renewal Masque (US$51) and the Derma Brightening Complex(US $45) . 
The mask is actually a scrub as well. You slather it on freshly washed skin and let it sit for 20 minutes. It smells fresh, fruity deliciousness without being over-powering. It’s not exactly the scent you expect for this type of product, but I love it. It has papaya extract, so I imagine that is what I’m smelling. It tingles just a little bit when you first put it on. Between the scent and the tingle, I would be careful about using this if you have especially sensitive skin–perhaps testing it out on a small area first would be wise. The last step is to apply some water and massage it into your skin and then rinse.

Cellnique Paramedical
Cellnique Paramedical
After using it, I felt like my skin was softer, smoother, and actually looked fresh. My skin loves alpha-hydroxyl acids, which protect against wrinkles and aid exfoliation. It’s recommended to use it once a week. 
The Derma Brightening Complex is a serum that works against skin discoloration and dull, uneven skin tone. The online instructions say to use it day and night, but I only use it at night because I find it a little heavy and my skin is already on the oily side. I only need a few drops for my entire face and I wake up with baby soft skin in the morning. 
A little goes a long way with both of these products.
They also produce quick and noticeable results, which is the biggest plus. 
Find out more on http://www.cellnique.com/