You have a Point with @TIPTOPSHOESAVER

from Shoerazzi

Everyone has their own preference to shoes and one that is perfect for any occasion is the classic pointed stiletto.  If you love your shoes, spend a fortune on them – you really need to take care of your shoes!  To me, the shoe makes the outfit. Always plan your day feet first. Being so pedestrian in NY, the shoes you choose for your day can really make a huge difference.

I have had shoes for over 6 years that are still in great shape because I try my best to take care of them. That means, I always buy the leather protecter spray, keep them in shoe bags and I am on the lookout for more products to help me take care of my favorite shoes.

Photo from Shoerazzi

TipTop Shoe Savers is a product that you can use to help your pointed shoe keep their point. Simply put, TIP TOP SHOE SAVER, fills the tips of pointed toe shoes. Unlike most shoe forms that are placed in shoes and can only be used while the shoe is not being worn, TTSS can actually remain inside of the shoe while you’re wearing it. Yes, we said Tip Top Shoes Saver can be worn, and at the same time, provide the structure and form that helps new shoe tips keep their form and restores worn out , bent and creased shoe tips to their original form.

Use them to prevent any warping!

I am giving away a pair of these to one lucky winner.

All you have to do is Tweet a photo of your favorite pointed shoes to me at @heydoyou and @tiptopshoesaver.

Good Luck!