Cute and Clever @Ubooly

The toy with an iPhone brain is Ubooly! We love Ubooly here because it is CUTE (fuzzy orange and white) CLEVER (you can use with iPhone, iPod Touch as its brain) and even CONNECTED (if you have wifi).  This product is exactly what HeyDoYou celebrates!

The Ubooly is the brainchild of Colorado-based husband and wife team Carly Gloge and Isaac Squires, founders of design agency Warb. The two took to Kickstarter to prove their idea had legs, and that a toy that uses Apple’s mobile devices to provide interactive games, as well as speech recognition features could fly with consumers. The company passed its $25,000 goal, but the attention helped it attract more than just some initial pre-orders, including $335,000 in additional venture capital and a spot on The Founders: Season 3 web series, documenting TechStars Boulder’s 2012 class.  This is one of the most outstanding ‘interactive pets’ that I have seen.

This is definitely a great gift an addition to have in the house for obsolete old iPhone and iPods. They are also designing a deeper pocked Ubooly to fit the iPhone 5 as well. The startup wants to create an entire thriving ecosystem around their toy, with apps that not only learn and grow with a child, but also suit specific use cases. For example, there’s a GPS-tracking app in the works that provides a virtual tour guide experience for kids on vacation.

They retail for around $30 and is just oh so cute!  Find out more about