Pamper up in NYC @YeloSpa

NYC life can be quite hectic. The crowds, the traffic, the noise. Sometimes all you need is a little pampering to get you back into the swing of things and lucky for New Yorkers, there’s a great spot right in Midtown that offers relaxing spa treatments, sleep therapy systems and skincare in an incredible setting. Introducing YeloSpa!


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Created and designed as a sanctuary to help urbanites unwind and heal from the pressures of modern life, YeloSpa offers a unique combo of spa and wellness treatments that refresh the mind and body, and awaken the soul! It’s been featured everywhere, too, from Cosmo and NY Mag, to the WSJ and the Today Show.

YeloSpa sessions take place in their patented cocoon-like treatment cabins calls “YeloCabs” where you can completely customize your aromatherapy, sound and light settings. But it doesn’t stop there — YeloCabs are also equipped with custom designed zero gravity YeloChairs, which recline deeply so that your legs are elevated above the heart, providing a feeling of weightlessness and allowing the heart rate to slow down more quickly, which, of course, encourages deep relaxation in minutes.


YeloSpa offers everything you can imagine a busy New Yorker needs.

Massages. Yelo specializes in reflexology according to the Ingham method, and is performed by licensed YeloPros. Massage treatments are designed to balance and ease specific aches or ailments so that you can emerge refresh and energized. There’s also Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Aromatherapy massage treatments to choose from.

Skincare. Yelo knows its skincare, that’s for sure. Advanced treatments here include facials, scrubs, wraps, and waxing.

Napping. Ok, it might seem strange to pay to nap but Yelo has developed their very own “YeloNap” system that lasts between 20 – 40 minutes and has been medically proven to increase alertness and productivity. Imagine taking a power nap during a busy day of business meetings–Heaven!

Yelo also offers other specialized services like the 1-hour Runners Recovery Experience ($120), which focuses on areas of your body that are overworked, to reduce muscle fatigue and decrease tension. There’s also caviar facials ($175) and chamomile body scrubs ($200). So good!

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If you’re feeling like you need a little pampering, I can’t recommend this place more. And YeloSpa also offers a bunch of deals on their website, as well as gift cards for spoiling friends and family. Head on over to to check out this fab place!

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