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    Visiting the NYC Time Warner Medialab


    The Time Warner Medialab is New York’s state-of-the-art research lab focus on consumer behavior across the content spectrum! All the research done in this building allows Time Warner and its key partners an opportunity to understand consumer insights from media, all the way through retail environment as well.

    The Medialab, as TW calls the space, is based on the company’s Manhattan Time Warner Center headquarters and exists to, in official terms, “[incorporate] cutting-edge technologies and research techniques [to provide] an unmatched ability to test consumer engagement throughout the entire 360° media-to-retail experience.” Complete with biometric monitoring and eye-tracking capabilities, as well as focus group space for the old-fashioned analysts out there and broadcast capabilities to finetune test content, the massive location includes retail space, video game stations, an “in-home living-room simulation” and a 50-seat screening space to best sample product in a variety of settings. According to the project’s official website, “In order to foster the company’s continued growth as a progressive supplier of engaging content, Time Warner and its core divisions–HBO, Time Inc., Turner, and Warner Bros.–consider the Medialab an essential instrument in understanding consumer behavior, evolving media habits, and industry trends.”

    I had the chance to visit the Time Warner Medialab in Columbus Circle in New York City this week!


    The first place worth mentioning is the testing studio. When you enter the Studio One, you can see one large screen and one computer screen showing the same content. A guy in the camera was shown on the screen, and there are lines linking red dots on jumping around the whole screen, which means the direction your eyesight goes. In the real world, that is used by a track which part of the screen can attract people’s attention when they are watching. On the other, second-screen apps that complement the TV viewing experience can heighten people’s response to the advertising and programming.


    The next room we went to is the Control Room. That is where Time Warner conducts the tests for their media products. Different focus groups of people will be invited to take the interview and finish surveys. The whole control room is neat with a clean table of-of bunch chairs, but there are some interesting secrets under that. If you squat to see the bottom side of the table, you will see eight displayers hiding in there. Because of that design, instruments can hide well under the neat appearance.

    The Time Warner is a terrific place for the media business. It can let the media company know how consumers engage with content and enable testing with the latest devices and distribution platform. 

    For more info, check out http://www.timewarnermedialab.com

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    New York Sample Sale: United Nude on Bond St.

    New York City is known for the amazing shopping opportunities – There are ways a New Yorker can pay sky high rent and look fabulous and fashionable. The secret? The upcoming United Nude sample sale!
    United Nude is holding their epic sample sale from January 25th to 30th, at their NYC Flagship on Bond Street…there will be TWO THOUSAND SHOES at the sale!
    There are fabulous, rare options at up to 70% off MEN + WOMEN: sneakers and heels, as well as speciality items like backpacks.
    About UNITED NUDE:
    Started in 2003 as a collaboration between Pritzker-Prize winning architect Rem Koolhaas and Galahad Clark, a seventh generation member of British shoe-making dynasty Clark’s, UNITED NUDE has proven itself a leader in architectural footwear. Pioneering the intersection between fashion and design, UNITED NUDE is carried in over 40 countries, with flagship stores in New York, Amsterdam, and London. The brand has explored realms of watches, tech accessories, and collaborated with visionaries such as Iris Van Herpen and Zaha Hadid.
    UNITED NUDE – Sample Sale
    25 Bond Street – NYC 10012
    January 25th – 30th
    10am – 6pm
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    Give the Gift of Glam @GlamsquadApp

    There’s nothing better than New York City.  Its bright lights and hustle and bustle lend lyrics to songs and set the scene for classic films. This city is its own breed of unique with an eclectic mix of people, scenery and site sightseeing.

    In true New York spirit, looking great is of top priority.  Whether you’ve lived here for 10 years or are visiting for the weekend, you can now treat yourself to “New York’s finest” via your iPhone with GLAMSQUAD, the on-demand styling app that brings the blow out artist directly to you!

    Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 5.56.11 PMNo more trekking across town to get to a blow dry bar! GLAMSQUAD can meet you at your home, office or gym to give you the perfect look.  Simply choose from one of the brand’s 10 signature styles or create your own.  While visiting the city, GLAMSQUAD can be at your hotel room in a “New York Minute” with the ability to service appointments 60 minutes in advance to give you a blowout SJP would be jealous of. Extremely affordable, all blowouts are available for $50 while braids can be arranged for $75 and updos range from $85-$125.  A small price to pay for at-home luxury!

    Downloading the GLAMSQUAD app  is free on the Apple iTunes store, and after your first appointment, you’ll never book a blowout easier or more conveniently no matter where you are in New York City.

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    Pamper up in NYC @YeloSpa

    NYC life can be quite hectic. The crowds, the traffic, the noise. Sometimes all you need is a little pampering to get you back into the swing of things and lucky for New Yorkers, there’s a great spot right in Midtown that offers relaxing spa treatments, sleep therapy systems and skincare in an incredible setting. Introducing YeloSpa!


    Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.02.18 PM

    Created and designed as a sanctuary to help urbanites unwind and heal from the pressures of modern life, YeloSpa offers a unique combo of spa and wellness treatments that refresh the mind and body, and awaken the soul! It’s been featured everywhere, too, from Cosmo and NY Mag, to the WSJ and the Today Show.

    YeloSpa sessions take place in their patented cocoon-like treatment cabins calls “YeloCabs” where you can completely customize your aromatherapy, sound and light settings. But it doesn’t stop there — YeloCabs are also equipped with custom designed zero gravity YeloChairs, which recline deeply so that your legs are elevated above the heart, providing a feeling of weightlessness and allowing the heart rate to slow down more quickly, which, of course, encourages deep relaxation in minutes.


    YeloSpa offers everything you can imagine a busy New Yorker needs.

    Massages. Yelo specializes in reflexology according to the Ingham method, and is performed by licensed YeloPros. Massage treatments are designed to balance and ease specific aches or ailments so that you can emerge refresh and energized. There’s also Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Aromatherapy massage treatments to choose from.

    Skincare. Yelo knows its skincare, that’s for sure. Advanced treatments here include facials, scrubs, wraps, and waxing.

    Napping. Ok, it might seem strange to pay to nap but Yelo has developed their very own “YeloNap” system that lasts between 20 – 40 minutes and has been medically proven to increase alertness and productivity. Imagine taking a power nap during a busy day of business meetings–Heaven!

    Yelo also offers other specialized services like the 1-hour Runners Recovery Experience ($120), which focuses on areas of your body that are overworked, to reduce muscle fatigue and decrease tension. There’s also caviar facials ($175) and chamomile body scrubs ($200). So good!

    Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.41.17 PM

    If you’re feeling like you need a little pampering, I can’t recommend this place more. And YeloSpa also offers a bunch of deals on their website, as well as gift cards for spoiling friends and family. Head on over to Yelonyc.com to check out this fab place!

    Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 2.53.43 PM

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    Last Day to Scarf up with @VotaryNY

    Where can you buy these? Votary is on Kickstarter, which is a funding platform for creative projects. Basically you create what you want your project to be (Votary in this instance), and you launch it. If others like your project they have the opportunity to pledge money. Check out Kickstarter for more details.

    Which one is calling your name? I think all of them are calling mine…

    These scarves and blankets are machine washable, reversible, hypoallergenic, and soft as can be.

    This is a great project so be sure to ‘Tweet’ to @VotaryNY and ‘Like’ them on Facebook

    *Funding for this project ends October 14*

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    Knitted and Reversible Scarfs from @Votaryny

    VOTARY is a New York based knitwear label by Luigi Bianco.

    Following his love of fashion and belief in unique personal style, his scarves and blankets aim to make a lasting impression.

    These reversible knits are non scratchy, hypoallergenic and super soft. Available in 15 different patterns, inspired by his pride in the USA,  there is something to suit everyones taste!

    Promoting not only great quality but also smart economics. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Luigi hopes to create more jobs right here in the US. The more scarves wanted and produced, the more working positions made available.

    But they are in need of support so to cover the costs of production and make his dream possible.

    These are beautiful pieces and well worth supporting. Winter is coming and we need to keep warm, so get online and back the campaign!