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    @RedBull Curates Gives You Wings (and Art!)

    The Big Apple showed big support for New York City artists during Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project event and exhibition hosted at Villain in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last Thursday. The final leg of the three-city competition drew a capacity crowd of nearly 2,000 art enthusiasts attending and voting for their favorite custom-designed Red Bull coolers, crafted by 30 urban, contemporary and street artists. The functional pieces of art will be installed in top venues throughout the city.

    During the much anticipated finale, works by Gerardo Cid and L’Amour Supreme received the most votes from the curatorial panel of judges led by Daria Brit Shapiro, of the internationally renowned SCOPE Art Show, contemporary pop artist Ron English and Carlo McCormick, Senior Editor of PAPER Magazine.  Throughout the night, thousands of guests voted for their favorite canvas wrapped coolers and ultimately honored artists CLAW MONEY and KOSBEwith the Audience Choice Awards.

    All four New York area artists will join the winners from Los Angeles and Chicago in an all-expense paid trip to Miami to participate in a Red Bull Curates group show at SCOPE Miami during Art Basel, where they will have the chance to exhibit and sell works from their own collections.

    According to Ron English:  “This project gives [artists] accessibility to places larger than the community they are currently in…they develop relationships with the pieces they created reflecting their own personal growth as artists and it is truly phenomenal to be a part of.”

    For more information on the featured artists and where their works will be displayed throughout New York City, please see below:

    Artist                                        Venue

                ADAM DARE                                  Matchless

                    Ari Lankin                               K&M

                    Borbay                                                 Epaulet Shop

                    CAKE                                      The Wick

                    ChrisRWK                               Frank’s Chop Shop

                    CLAW                                                 Reed Space

                    Dan Wonderly                         Hope Garage

                Dark Clouds                            Merle’s Music Studio

                Gerardo Cid                             Cantina Royal

                    Ian Kuali’i                               Tender Trap

                    Jason Woodside                       Karmaloop

                    Jeremy Penn                            King & Grove Williamsburg

                    Joseph Meloy                          Greenwood Park

                Josh Slater                               Public Assembly

                Julian Rapp                              Gallery Bar

                Kevin William Reed                Project Parlor

                Kosbe                                      Matchless Band Room

                    L’Amour Supreme                   Mishka

                Leah Matthews                        Sugarland

                    Matt Dobbs                                        The Charleston

                    Matt Dranes                             The Bedford

                    Michael Serafino                     Hole Gallery

                ND’A                                       Knitting Factory

                    Paul Zepeda                             PiPs

                    Royce Bannon                         Invisible Tattoos

                    Russell King                            Legion

                    Ryan Humphrey                      Saint Vitus

                    See One                                   Glasslands

                    Stephanie Ng                           Marci Park

                    TONE TANK                           Franklin Park

    Find out more about how Red Bull gives artists wings at www.redbullusa.com/curates.

    (Photo credit: Ryan Zimmerman/Red Bull Content Pool).

    Arts Fund produces and invests in independent music, art and film initiatives and their connections to the audience. To learn more, please visit http://facebook.com/ArtsFund and http://facebook.com/TermOfArt.

    With more than 50 art fairs spanning more than a decade, SCOPE has solidified its position as the premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. Renowned for presenting the most innovative galleries, artists and curators, SCOPE Art Shows in Miami, Basel, New York, London and the Hamptons have garnered extensive critical acclaim, with sales over $300 million and attendance of more than 500,000 visitors. Learn more at www.scope-art.com.

    Villain operates a 5,000-square-footevent and photo space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, minutes from downtown NYC. Originally a 19th century textiles warehouse, The Space at Fifty North Third accommodates up to 400 standing, or 120 seated. Managed by Villain, a leading NYC event production company, The Space at Fifty North Third features extensive in-house AV and lighting equipment along with design and fabrication services. A fully customizable/paintable mural space is available on the front of the building to brand any events.

    It is located at 50 N. 3rd St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. Connect with Villain at www.thespacebrooklyn.com.


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    2012 @ProjectShow with @MarcusTroy

    Project is always a fun time and even with the chilly NY weather, everyone was dresses to the 9’s for the first day of Project. Right in the heart of Soho, I was really excited to see what we have in store for the upcoming season in fashion and trends.

    We got to preview what is to come Spring/Summer 2012 and primary colors  are more than a hit.  Here are some of the fashion industry press, buyers and designers.

    @TheBKcircus Brooklyn Circus in the house

    The New Americana

    The girls Coco & Breezy

    The man of the hour!  Marcus Troy produced the whole blogger section for Project. Doing epic things!

    Toronto Crew with Marcus Troy’s handpicked men-style bloggers – They were all ready to give a sneak peek to their readers of what is to come for SS’12

    Check out their blogs, you know you want to!

    Dope ties and accessories from Title of Work – Diamonds, Guns, Taxidermy, Feathers, a creature that is a medley of 7 animals and more.

    More to come: ProjectShow.com

    Jan 16,17,18 in New York City

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    New York Film Academy!!!

    Sup Cole World!!!!!

    Its been awhile, i really missed ya’ll! I’ve been transitioning my move from Austin Texas to here in New York City!!! So again i apologize for not posting as regularly as i was :0). So recently i’ve been gettn the question of “Craig why New York??” Well the answer is i will be attending New York Film Academy and my classes start February 29th.

    I’m going for theater, i did some theater in San Antonio Texas and i can honestly say being infront of an audience, there is no better rush than that. New York Film Academy has on of the best programs in the city, and is widely known by all. The school caught my attention back in 2009 when the director of Rush Hour 1 and 2 did a promo for the school saying all these wonderful things about it so from there i decided to apply and chase my dream.

    So make sure you also check their website out and join me in class!!!! Light Camera Action baby!!!!

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    Roni Boutique for Labor Day Weekend

    With about a month until Labor Day, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing for one of the most fun weekends of the summer…


    If you’re looking for the perfect outfit—think celebrity-level stylish—I’d definitely suggest checking out Roni, a trendy clothing line and boutique with locations in Soho, Nolita, and West Village, which features exclusive designs from the Roni label itself as well as unique designers you won’t find anywhere else including Alexia Admor, Carolina Amato, LAMB, Laila Azhar, and LaRok, and many others.


    Roni’s styles have been worn by celebrities like, Kelly Ripa, Brooke Shields, Aisha Taylor and more.  Check out some photos below!







    Do you still follow the rule “no white after Labor Day”? I feel like if you want to rock it, go for it.  In Miami (where I’m from) no one bats an eye about a little post-LD white. 🙂


    The great thing is you won’t break the bank with styles like these because everything—rompers, dresses, jackets—at Roni is priced between $100 and $500.

    For more info on Roni Boutique, visit: www.roninyc.com


    kisses, Olisa


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    (NY) Max Brenner

    Last weekend, my girl Teo took me to Max Brenner aka Chocolate heaven of New York City. With hour long line ups and a fully stacked chocolate menu… this is amazing!  I had the Choco-pops hot chocolate and it was simply delish.  I can’t wait to go back for more hot chocolate…it is served in a ‘hugmug’ with no handles and you have to cup it in your hands! So sweet right?

    When you are this awesome, your face goes on the napkin!

     Oh ya. there is even chocolate pizza! So if you want to indulge a little bit and find out more… Yelp it

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    (NY) Mysterious Guy #2

    This guy really is not my type but there are several things that I find really intriguing about him. I saw him on the F train last week and it was around 7pm. I am going to guess that he is an engineer or something technical.  He has a cool hair cut and an iPhone. I knew he would have an iPhone because of his low key attire yet fancy stripe socks.  He is wearing a zip-up fleece and khakis and Diesel type shoes. But the socks give away his fun and creativity he tries to hide everyday in life and work.  Of course I am only assuming.  If you were my boyfriend, you would be a great balance in my chaotic life and make sure I don’t leave the stove on, pay bills late or eat after 8pm.  And I will, for you, let you creativity shine and sing to you every day and make you laugh.  Sometimes what you want is really not in the form you think it is.  I am not going to date him. I just like making up stories about people I see on the New York Subway.

    *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*