(NY) Mysterious Guy #2

This guy really is not my type but there are several things that I find really intriguing about him. I saw him on the F train last week and it was around 7pm. I am going to guess that he is an engineer or something technical.  He has a cool hair cut and an iPhone. I knew he would have an iPhone because of his low key attire yet fancy stripe socks.  He is wearing a zip-up fleece and khakis and Diesel type shoes. But the socks give away his fun and creativity he tries to hide everyday in life and work.  Of course I am only assuming.  If you were my boyfriend, you would be a great balance in my chaotic life and make sure I don’t leave the stove on, pay bills late or eat after 8pm.  And I will, for you, let you creativity shine and sing to you every day and make you laugh.  Sometimes what you want is really not in the form you think it is.  I am not going to date him. I just like making up stories about people I see on the New York Subway.

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