• New York

    Mystery Guy #12

    Apple Store Soho. I spotted him before he saw me. That’s how it always happens. Perhaps it’s because I have an eye for these things or maybe it was just because he fit in so well with the futurist, simple and white hot store ambiance. He was just running in for a quick errand. He needs and extra charger for work just in case. Always be prepared right?  Sexy is in the details and he’s got all that. Neutral grays and with Nike Prestos and Gucci belt peeking out?

    Yes please.

  • New York

    Mystery Guy #11

    I see ya. Walking to work 34 blocks twice a day is one of my favorite things to do.  Some people just catch your eye, the way a piece of glass might shimmer under a shallow beach. Oh the way the sun makes you sparkle!  The thing about you that inspires me so much is the way you stand out from the crowd.  You are walking amongst us but you are not one of us.

    I knew it.

  • New York

    J Fold Spring Giveaway

    “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

    Trips are always fun but when I saw these two J Fold bags, I imagined the entire summer escapade with my ‘Beckham’ type perfect guy and this would be his luggage. Featured on GQ, Details, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom.. You know I am in love.

    I imagine us showing up at the resort, checking in and the Trooper toss casually onto the 5 star hotel bed and giggling while he smothers me with kisses.  So… We got the luggage here – and now we are just looking for that guy!  If you think you are that guy – these 2 bags are yours!

    To WIN – All you have to do is 3 simple steps:

    1. Like J FOLD on Facebook and write on the wall what you would pack for 3 day vacation

    2. Tweet me: @heydoyou “Grab your passport, here we go!”

    3. The bags I have for the giveaway is in CHARCOAL, tell me the other colors it’s available in.



    J.FOLD’s guys-only approach to fashion accessories is inspired by the contemporary aesthetics of industrial design, vintage cars, and classic sneakers. As a result, you’ll find their creations in design stores such as Museum Modern of Art Design Store as often as you see them in the pages of men’s magazines.

    **Winner will be selected randomly June 1, 2011**

  • New York

    Mystery Guy #9

    So I ventured to Brooklyn last night and was happily riding the C train. Then I thought for some reason that I too should switch to the G. And look what I see. Nice weather brings out the best in folks and this tall drink of water definitely put forth his best.  Women, both young and old were gawking. I just thought it was kinda funny. This mystery guy, doesn’t leave much of a mystery.

    I took this pic, just 3 seconds before he decided to loom over me and say wassup. Oh this are the things I love about New York. What would I have said to you if we had a real conversation? Sigh. I think it’s great that you run, it’s amazing that you are 6’4, cool that you have Chinese tats, blessed that you have a great body – Thank you for stepping up with the sexy and doing you.  We need more people in this world ready to just do whatever and shake thangs up!

  • New York

    Mystery Guy #8

    Look what I found 🙂

    Vaitari Anderson – Marketing & Branding:

    Vaitari has worked his way up from consumer marketing to online marketing through affiliate marketing for companies such as VH1, CMT, and MTV2. As brand manager, he drove the phenomenal conversion of the Enyce clothing brand which put the company on a new launch pad which has lead it to be acquired by Sean John.

    Kind of scrumptious right.