Love Your Mom Happy Mother’s Day

10 Things I learned from MOM


  1. Always try your best at whatever you are doing – if mom approves the rest of the world probably will as well.
  2. Let bygones be bygones – No point in holding onto things of the past, time is moving forward and so should you.
  3. Treat others with kindness – Even when it is hard or you don’t feel like it, you will be surprised at what kind of personal battles we may be fighting
  4. Eat first – Don’t let yourself get hungry in every sense of the word.
  5. Love yourself – Treat yourself with a special diligence, don’t neglect your own well being in pursuit of approval from others
  6. Be fearless – Try and try again, make a decision, stick by it, know when to move on and learn something in the process
  7. Read books, smell flowers, taste food and be curious about life, nature and others
  8. Never trust those who are mean to children, elderly or animals – Always know who you are dealing with, when people show you their true colors, believe them.
  9. Do the right thing at the right time
  10. Action speak louder than words