New Cool Funky Store in Soho @Madonnaandco

As many of you know, I recently moved back to Manhattan after 2 years in Brooklyn and I was exciting to see all the new shops and restaurants that have opened!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.53.58 PM The best thing about venturing in NY is walking around and discovering interesting stores. One of that caught my eye was Madonna & Co. This funky boutique has a curated selection of jewelry, dresses, tops, shorts, handbags and belts. There is nothing typical about this store.

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Here are 2 of my favorite pieces:

Check out more on or stop by their store 284 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Houston)

About Madonna & Co

Simply put, it’s not “about us” – It’s completely, and uniquely, about you. We figure you’re tired of seeing the same old, same old so we’ve put the thrill back in shopping.

At Madonna Co (M & C) you’re entering a world where fashion isn’t copied, it’s created. Where luxury is about being one of a kind, not how much you spend. Where you’ll discover exclusive designs, vintage pieces, and exciting mixes of fabrics. Everything is easy to wear, yet sophisticated, feminine, but, inspired by the art of edgy fashion details.

Our customer is an independent woman, not a woman of independent means. She stands out in her own style, rather than following the fashion pack. And wherever she lives, she has a New York state of mind. (By the way, come visit our boutique in the heart of SoHo).

Madonna & Co thinks you are uniquely you and it’s all about attitude.

And you can’t afford not to look fabulous!


SoHo Flagship Store

284 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Houston)

NYC NY 10012

Hours: 11-8 Mon-Sat, 11-7 Sun