Win the @taggtracker TAGG Pet Tracker

If your pet is lost, a microchip won’t alert you or show you where she is. With Tagg GPS tracking, receive alerts and find your pet on a map NOW. This is a perfect addition for your dog’s collar. The TAGG is a water resistant, easy to clip GPS location device.

It is also like a Fitbit for dogs where it can monitor their activity levels. It comes with its own charging port and will last around 2 weeks per charge. When it is within the proximity of the base, it will also charge. Set the neighborhood range ‘Tagg zone’ for your dog and your home. When it take him/her for a walk, press a button so it turns off the alerts! But if you are not in walk mode and your dog is out of the range – you will immediately get a text to your phone and email to let you know. I can think of a few wandering pups my friends own!
This could be the best pet product you get to save your dog’s life!
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