Jewelry You Can Really Fall For

Fall is coming, and so are new trends. Changing up your jewelry for the new season is one of the best things about the weather getting a little cooler. You have to start accessorizing differently when you’re wearing more layers. Plus there’s lots of fun new trends emerging. Some of them might follow runway looks, and some of them might come out of nowhere. Check out some of the Fall 2014 jewelry trends below.

Leather Collars Maybe this trend comes out of the 50 Shades of Gray craze. But whether it does or not, it looks like leather collars will be big this season. And that’s big in popularity and size. They’re not the daintiest accessory, but if you want to make a powerful statement then a leather collar is the way to do it this fall. It might keep you warm too!

Flowers There were lots of floral necklines on the catwalk for Fall 2014. Big and overstated flower detail featured in lots of necklaces, lapels and collars. So get your floral statement pieces out and make sure they’re big. Scarves are popular over necklaces too, so you might want to choose a cozy accessory over jewelry.

Just One Earring Instead of a pair of earrings, designers like Celine and Louis Vuitton went with a single oversized earring this season. The earrings were eye-catching enough for two, with sparkling, jangling, attention-grabbing features. So, instead of a pair of earrings, get your one earring on when you go out this fall. If you feel unbalanced, wear your hair on the other side.

Statement Bar Rings Don’t bother putting lots of different rings on this season. Try a single bar ring that goes across your hand, but looks like many rings put together. These rings will be popular this fall, and they’re easier than stacking a number of rings together. They make great statement pieces and will surely draw compliments and comments.

Glitzy Many accessories are getting glittery and glitzy, from shoes and bags to earrings and necklaces. If you’re Texas-based, for Houston jewelry stores try Whiteflash. You’ll find so many diamonds, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Nothing could be more glittery than a diamond ring.

Back to Nature Nature is a theme running through this season’s jewelry trends. Necklaces, brooches and earrings feature butterflies, frogs and peacock patterns. Plus furs and feathers make an appearance for a sophisticated but wild look.

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Huge Accessories Don’t be shy this season, go big and bold with huge statement pieces, instead of sticking with small and simple. As well as oversized earrings and big floral details at the neckline, thick and colorful bracelets and bangles are popular too. Wear big, eye-catching necklaces that fan out across your collarbone, pop from your neck or hang down to your waist.

The main thing to remember for this fall seems to be to go big with your jewelry. So have the confidence to be showy and bold, showing off your jewelry, and the rest of your outfit too.