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    Jewelry You Can Really Fall For

    Fall is coming, and so are new trends. Changing up your jewelry for the new season is one of the best things about the weather getting a little cooler. You have to start accessorizing differently when you’re wearing more layers. Plus there’s lots of fun new trends emerging. Some of them might follow runway looks, and some of them might come out of nowhere. Check out some of the Fall 2014 jewelry trends below. Leather Collars Maybe this trend comes out of the 50 Shades of Gray craze. But whether it does or not, it looks like leather collars will be big this season. And that’s big in popularity and size.…

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  • Toronto

    SOOS Rocks Jewelry

    Toronto-based accessory line, SOOS Rocks Jewelry has just launched their newest jewellery collection for women, L’Amour – inspired by timeless romance, the power of friendship, and real-life fairy tales.  Timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day, the collection is not just for your sweetheart, but are gifts for everyone in your life who mean something special to you.  “We wanted to create a collection that transcends Valentine’s Day and captures the authenticity of love,” says co-owner/designer Jane Dallin. Before creating the collection, the SOOS Rocks design team of Dallin and Bryn Nihillasked themselves what their definition of love was: “Love is said to be the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. In philosophical context, love is…

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    Ring a Ling

    I always thought that department stores sold really bland and boring generic stuff. While I was on Facebook that little side box suggested I check out ShopNBC. To my surprise, it was actually really cool with giveaways and a bunch of updates. When I went to their actual site, I was blown away by their jewelry section. I’m absolutely in love with their selection of gold jewelry, especially their rings! The blend of chunky gems and gold shine just worked so well together. Since it is online and not everything is as nice as it seems, I read the reviews on the 14k gold citrine ring.  I love my Citrine……

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    Get Lippy

    Kissy Lips Rings are amazing.  Gimme more. I want em all. I know i have been tweeting a lot about ‘foresight’ lately.. We been saying this since March 09.. But I’m just saying… And then there’s one from Betsey Johnson and Opening Ceremony And clutches… But I’ve BEEN wearing my lippy since May! *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Kueen is an androgynous jewelry collection that focuses on making jewelry for both a king and a queen. Each piece is unique in its own one of a kind structure. All pieces are inspired by the idea of sexless identity and embracing beauty in all forms. Hand crafted in New York City using new and recycled materials, Kueen designs are artfully made for the most fashion forward. I love the Starfish Hand Chain! So me ^_^ Twitter: @kueendom *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    One of the hottest jewelry brands out there that will illicit tons of comments, stares and will mean more to you than you last boyfriend.  When i found these, I knew the type of person who love these are the ones who get told the following: You read into things too much You think about the weirdest things Wow you are really cool I wonder how your min works. Order one today. Here are my favorites of course. octopus eating ship paint the town the whole litter married. dope more on verameat*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*