Pet Gifts Spending

They greet you when you get home, keep you company on a lazy Sunday. Your pets are part of the family, and Americans are spoiling them with holiday gifts this year, according to the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker.

Here are the highlights on pet spending this season:
Fido’s gift: 65% of pet owners plan to purchase a holiday gift for their pet, and they’ll spend an average of $100 on each pet (vs. $178 in 2013).
Most Popular pet gifts:
  • Treats (66% vs. 63% in 2013)
  • Toys (59% vs 77% in 2013)
  • Pet’s own holiday stocking (34% vs. 38% in 2013)
  • Accessories like collar/leash (27% vs. 39% in 2013)
  • Clothing (18% vs. 23% in 2013)

American Express Spending & Savings Tracker