Beauty Buys on a Budget: Yardley of London & LYPSYL

So a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive some amazing soaps to review from the company, Yardley of London. I received the Lavender & Rosemary Gel & Body Wash and the Honey, Almond and Oatmeal Creamy Body Wash bottles and the Nourishing Elements Artisan Soap Bars in Lavender & Rosemary and Oat, Milk & Honey. These soaps are made with 100% pure vegetable oils and all-natural, organic ingredients and come in recycled, biodegradable and paraben free packaging.


Oh. My. Goodness. These soups are amazing! Let me start off with the shower gels. The Lavender & Rosemary was the first thing I grabbed since I wanted to take a long relaxing shower after a long day at work—it was an experience. The lather was very nice. Bubbly and silky, it removed all the excess oils and grime right off, leaving my skin squeaky-clean, smooth and moisturized. The scent of Lavender was very soothing, for both my aching head and tired body while the refreshing scent of rosemary woke me right up. It was one of those showers you come out feeling like a whole new, extra clean version of yourself right after.

Imagine sitting in a tub of warm and creamy honey and almond oil, with that feint grainy scent of oatmeal (the good kind) — I can’t get enough! The lather is incredible–thick and creamy and I looove how clean my skin feels after I use it. My skin was clean and smooth, but yet it felt moisturized at the same time. So moisturized, I skin my after shower body lotion all together! My skin felt oh-so soft and subtle after using this scent…it’s honestly my favorite right now!!

I’ve been going on and on about the shower gels, but let me tell you about the Yardley of London Nourishing Elements Artisan Bar Soaps. These babies are like gold (well, not really…but you get my drift).

Along with the shower gels I received these artisan bath bars, as well. I got the Lavender & Rosemary and the Oat, Milk & Honey scents. What can I say about the scents? The Lavender & Rosemary had the same gorgeous smell and silky later as its shower gel counterpart, though it also left my skin lightly exfoliated– Bonus! The Oat, Milk & Honey bars was another treat. This soap provided a thick, rich lather and kept my skin feeling great all day long. I can imagine reaching for this bath bar after a sun burn or when my skin is feeling like it needs an extra gentle wash.

I am really amazed by the affordability of these soaps. You can find them all at Walgreens and all major stores nationwide. If you’re soap lover with sensitive skin like me AND you have a hard time finding something that will soothe, cleanse, moisturize and smell great then you’ll definitely want to snatch these right up. Each bottle retails for under $5 while each pack of the Artisan Bath Bar comes with retails at $4.99.That is crazy affordable for an all-natural artisan soap that lasts quite a while for those who are budget minded.

Wait! There’s more! I also received these LYPSYL Lip Balms. Lypsyl is basically a Silky Swedish Beeswax Lip balm. It is made with natural ingredients that include shea butter, elderberry, coconut oil, aloe, chamomile and honey, and vitamins A and E. This was another product I was impressed by. I received Intense Protection Original Mint and Ultra Soothing Chamomile and Honey.



The Chamomile and Honey was the first product I tried since I was suffering dry, chapped lips due to the rapidly changing temperatures here in NYC. Does anyone remember that week at the beginning of June we basically had to wear jackets? Crazy weather. I was pretty skeptical at the “Ultra Soothing” title, seeing as I am a not a big fan of chamomile. I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate results!



I had put some on in the morning before leaving for work like normal and usually by mid train ride, I have to reapply. There was no need. The balm was still in place, felt and smelled great. I didn’t reapply until right before lunch a few hours later. Hours! Since the balm had such staying power I found that by the next day, my lips looked and felt SO much better. I switched to the Ultra Soothing Original Mint lip balm and I have to say…I’ve been using it none stop for a week straight. Love it!

Retailing at $2.99 this lip balm pays for itself with it’s moisturizing effects and great longevity. Another beauty buy for the budget conscious.

Now, go treat yourself with some quality beauty buys and an extra few dollars in your pocket!