Feel Your Best in 2016: Youtheory

 Youtheory is a new company that has developed an extensive product line to fulfill every man and woman’s health and beauty-related needs. Youtheory’s motto is “Age beautifully.”

At the center of youtheory’s product line are the company’s collagen tablets. An extremely beneficial substance for both women and men, collagen is the body’s key structural protein, integrally involved in creating and maintaining smooth skin as well as strong and healthy nails, hair, tendons, bones, and muscle. youtheory Collagen and Men’s Collagen formulas in particular are packed with 18 amino acids and boost protein intake, which help to augment consumers’ internal and external beauty.

In addition to its traditional collagen tablets, youtheory has recently released a new line of dietary supplements designed to optimize mens’ and women’s capacity to lead healthy lives while simultaneously aging beautifully. This line includes:

  • youtheory Collagen types 1, 2, &3
    • 60 mg of vitamin C per serving
    • 6 g of Collagen per serving
    • 18 amino acids per serving
    • Dairy free, soy free, and gluten free
    • Powerful antioxidant that revitalizes hair, skin & nails, and supports tendons & ligaments
    • Fights the effects of aging
    • Boosts protein intake
    • Nutritional facts and product picture:


     unnamed-2unnamed-3youtheory Revive Advanced Formula tablets:
    • Plant-based formula made with aloe vera, green tea, and African Mango
    • 1,000 mg energy blend per serving
    • Promotes feelings of energy
    • Invigorates body and mind
    • Elevates cognitive function
    • Enhances physical performance
    • Nutritional facts and product pic:


    youtheory Turmeric tablets

    • Made from patented Circumin C3 complex; supplies Circuminoids, a powerful phytonutrient with powerful antioxidant properties
    • Supports healthy inflammation response and better absorption
    • 450 mg/turmeric per serving
    • 350 mg/olive leaf per serving
    • 15 mg/black pepper per serving
    • Dairy free, soy free, and gluten free
    • Nutritional info and product pic:


    youtheory Anti-Aging Collagen Protein Shake
    • 20 g/protein per serving
    • 10 g/collagen per serving
    • 10 g/whey protein per serving
    • 18 amino acids per serving
    • 100% Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of key vitamins and minerals per serving
    • Soy free
    • Vanilla-flavored
    • Promotes healthy joints and maintains strong bones
    • Optimizes post-exercise muscle recovery
    • Nutritional facts and product pic:


    youtheory Men’s Collagen tablets:

    • 900 mg/biotin per serving
    • 5 g/collagen per serving
    • 18 amino acids per serving
    • Dairy free, soy free, and gluten free
    • Boosts protein intake, supports tendons & ligaments
    • Helps combat age-related collagen loss
    • Revitalizes skin and hair
    • Nutritional info and product pic:

    youtheory Men’s Maca tablets:

    • Nutrient-dense superfood and adaptogen
    • Traditionally used to boost energy, stamina, and endurance
    • One of the ONLY natural ingredients that enhances men’s libido
    • Promotes sexual vitality
    • 750 mg/gelatinized maca per serving
    • Dairy free, soy free, and gluten free
    • Nutritional facts and product pic:


    Be sure to check out there products and more information on the company at http://youtheory.com/!