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    Own less. Do more – Nomadix, The Only Towel You Need

    After so many unexpected things happened in 2020, we have to rethink about our lives. I believe, you are like me, we were all expecting for a brand new and wonderful decade at the end of 2019. But who knows, our year of 2020 would be like this. We stay at home, we wear masks to go out, we can’t hangout with friends, and we even hesitate to visit our parents. Sorry to be so sad, but the year of 2020 gives us a lesson, we don’t need too much things in our life and we need to protect our earth.

    Part of living with less means using what you already have. You never waste a thing. With so much plastic waste floating in our oceans and trashing our communities, Nomadix has committed to using post-consumer recycled materials for everything they make. And since their fibers are designed to dry quickly and resist bacteria that cause towel funk, you can wash less and save precious water.

    All of Nomadix products are made using
    certified post-consumer recycled plastic
    and contribute to 1% For The Planet.

    Through years of research and development into turning recycled plastics into durable and versatile fibers, developing responsible manufacturing practices, avoiding harmful dyes that waste and pollute our water, Nomadix protects the world we love and live together at.

    The Only Towel You Need™ is a high-performance yoga towel, beach towel, and travel towel all-in-one. Nomadix designed this product to be versatile without sacrificing performance, so you can own less and do more. Made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, these towels are durable, lightweight, and buttery soft. They pack down small for easy travel so you can take them on any adventure. They are sand resistant, quick-drying, and super absorbent.

    Here are some of my favorite designs

    $ 39.95

    $ 44.95

    $ 39.95

    LULU’s Pick

    $ 39.95

    • Made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
    • Single sided print
    • The perfect size (30″x72.5″)
    • Sand resistant
    • Pet hair resistant
    • Super absorbent
    • Quick drying
    • Moisture activated slip resistance
    • Butter soft
    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Packs down small (3.5″x7″)
    • Weighs 17 oz
    • Imported

    Nomadix has collaborated with some of their favorite brands to help spread the message and give back. One of their biggest partnerships is 1% for the Planet, which commits them to donating 1% of their sales — not just profits — to environmental causes. Nomadix’s partnerships with organizations like the Surfrider Foundation and Fifty-Nine Parks not only help them make inspiring new products, but a portion of sales goes directly back to environmental causes.

    Protecting the places that inspire Nomadix, whether it’s keeping the trails clear, the beaches clean, or mountains capped with fresh powder, is a part of the calling. Be a part of the change with Nomadix. Join the likes of Subaru, New Belgium, Patagonia and more by collaborating with Nomadix for custom made towels featuring your design.

    About Nomadix:

    Own less. Do more. Nomadix makes quality products designed to be so durable and versatile, you only ever need one.

    It’s Nomadix’s mantra. They believe that when you own less stuff, you are able to do more, see more, and live more. But when you live with less, your gear needs to be tough enough for anything that comes your way. That’s why Nomadix meticulously designed their products to hang with you through any adventure. Nomadix wants you to leave your mark on the world, not your waste. Just grab one and go.

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    Pumpkin Spice Latte Inspired Beauty

    It is finally starting to feel like fall around New York City, and that can only mean one thing: Pumpkin spice everything! Yes—that includes your beauty routine! Try a PSL-inspired look using glimmering bronzers, warm-toned eyeshadow, orange-hued lipstick and more. Shop our favorites below!


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    Best Summer Beauty Products

    There are so many great things about summer, but one thing I can completely live without is the damage it does to your skin. Everything from the sun burns to the excessive sweating makes it hard to keep your traditional skincare routine during this time of year. It is important to tweak  your skincare routines in the summer to meet your needs. Here’s a list of the best beauty products to try this summer!

    Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lotion – SPF 100


    This sunscreen offers the highest combined UVA/UVB protection, and is proven to protect skin from over 99% sunburn damage. Plus, with an unbeatable PFA, nothing provides better UVA protection. Infused with a light, fresh scent, this elegant formulation is fast-absorbing, non-whitening, water resistant and lightweight. Neutrogena’s Dry-Touch technology provides an ultra-light, non-shiny finish and leaves skin soft and smooth.

    Price: $9.79

    Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea

    An invigorating mist formulated with an infusion of nutrient-rich botanicals and cucumber essential water to revive dull, tired skin. Aloe vera and cucumber – both rich in essential vitamins and minerals – deliver a cooling boost of hydration as green tea provides powerful antioxidant protection. Skin is left feeling refreshed and revitalized.

    Price: $7.00

    Confidence In Your Glow


    Get the look of an instant all-over vitality-filled glow, plus a boost of brightening and radiant warmth, in one simple step! From the sensorial experience of the fresh orange scent to the powerful vitamin C-infused radiance-boosting and brightening formula, Confidence in Your Glow transforms your complexion with high-performance, anti-aging ingredients and talc-free, ultra-luxe pigments.

    Price: $32.00

    Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF30


    Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF 30 protects your lips from sun and wind damage. Aloe vera soothes dry, chapped lips while cocoa butter softens, repairs and enhances skin renewal. Use over bare lips or under your favorite lip color for added skin protection.

    Price: $3.99

    City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub

    A 5-minute dual-action detoxifying and exfoliating clay mask. Appropriate for all skin types.

    Purifies and polishes skin for a delightful deep-clean treatment. Natural bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay help remove pollution and impurities, while natural silica beads gently refine texture.

    Price: $28.00

    Ultra Facial Cream

    This ultra facial cream helps reduce moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. It is the best you are constantly sweating. With continuous moisture replenishment throughout the day, leaves skin smooth, soft and healthy-looking.

    Price: $27.00

    Camera Ready BB Water SPF 30

    This multitasking BB water with SPF 30 is an ultra-hydrating and oil-free formula that creates a sheer, radiant finish that lasts all day. It delivers a demi-matte complexion that’s never flat, creating a natural-looking canvas, and it minimizes the look of fine lines, pores, and blemishes. This unique BB water allows you to build coverage and does not cause any drying, cracking, or caking during wear.

    Price: $42.00





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    Israel’s First & Largest Cannabis Company Launches in Nevada

    The United States will experience a wellness revolution through a new line of  clinically-proven, proprietary cannabis products from Tikun Olam, a premier science based cannabis provider rooted in the world capital of medical cannabis: Israel. Following the success of their pilot program in Delaware, and uniquely positioned to revolutionize health & wellness for the nation, the groundbreaking medical and adult use lifestyle brand, Tikun™, will continue its U.S. expansion with a launch throughout Nevada in April 2017.

     Israel has been at the forefront of medical cannabis research since 1964, when Professor Raphael Mechoulam, considered the “Father of Cannabis” headed the team that first isolated THC and later discovered that THC interacts with the largest receptor system in the human body- the endocannabinoid system. These medical advances spurred Tikun Olam to launch as Israel’s first medical cannabis provider in 2007.

     Tikun Olam continues to lead the way with groundbreaking research, patient care, strain genetics, agronomy and advanced extraction techniques in the global cannabis field. They established the first professionally staffed clinic dedicated to helping patients medicate properly through precise dosage and specific strains. This resulted in the world’s first and largest database of patient feedback which guided the development of life improving strains for specific symptoms. This patient feedback also led to the development of a high-CBD strain,Avidekel™, acclaimed as “highless marijuana” by Reuters and a revolutionary step in the therapeutic use of cannabis.

     “Tikun Olam is the gold standard for pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis production in both Israel and Canada. The US cannabis market is becoming more sophisticated, looking beyond high-THC content to demand medically-proven, quality products for therapeutic cannabis use as part of a healthy lifestyle,” according to Bernard Sucher, CEO of T.O. Global LLC. “We are confident that entering the medical and adult-use U.S. market with a genuine approach to health and wellness, will position Tikun for a successful expansion where regulated markets exist.”

     Known as “Tikun™” in the United States, the intellectual property, cultivation methodologies, scientific collaboration, and overall best practices of Tikun Olam, will be utilized in production with their licensed partners CW Nevada LLC. The products will initially be launched at CW Nevada’s dispensaries and then rolled out to other dispensaries throughout the state. Tikun’s products will be available in flower, vape cartridges, topical creams, tinctures and edibles through six unique strains derived from the Israeli catalog of sixteen.  According to Tikun Olam’s patient testimonials, their strains have shown a marked improvement in the overall quality of life for 85% of patients treated, as well as alleviating symptoms related to Crohn’s, Colitis,  Parkinson’s, PTSD, AIDS and Cancer, just to name a few. 

     Tikun’s strains range from Alaska™, a high-THC sativa, known for its uplifting and invigorating qualities, to several high-THC indica strains such as Erez™, Or™, and Eran Almog™, known to be exceptional for pain management and the relief of various health conditions. The most revolutionary strains in the Tikun catalogue are Midnight™, created on a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC & CBD, likely to be popular among those looking for a daytime, mild effect; and Avidekel, the first ever high-CBD strain in the world, cultivated by Tikun Olam five years ago and named as more effective than generic CBD in clinical studies throughout Jerusalem.

     In the coming years, Tikun plans to continue building upon the patient trusted heritage that has defined their innovative leadership within the burgeoning cannabis industry. The experts of Tikun Olam will continue to break new ground by engineering products that cultivate pathways to new markets, catering to all those who seek an active and healthy lifestyle in every legally regulated market  in the United States.

    About T.O. Global LLC (USA):

    T.O. Global LLC  opened its operations in 2015.  T.O.Global LLC, whose brand is known nationally as Tikun™, is intent on expanding its branded products in the United States and plans to penetrate the legal cannabis marketplace through professionally licensed producers in all states where medical cannabis has been legalized. Tikun holds an exclusive license to market and brand all of Tikun Olam’s intellectual property. Building on the scientific advancements, clinical research and extensive data pool of Tikun Olam, Tikun is positioned to serve as the pharmaceutical backbone for superior health & wellness products in the United States. The brand’s unique products have been used in exclusive medical trials within Tikun Olam’s clinics and have treated over 10,000 patients for a variety of conditions. Tikun Olam USA is active in numerous ongoing research studies with results to be published throughout 2017. For more information, please visit tikunolamusa.com. Follow us on FacebookTwitter & IG @TikunOlamUSA.

     About Tikun Olam Ltd (Israel):

    Tikun Olam Ltd. is the first, largest and foremost supplier of medical cannabis in Israel and is considered one of leading medical cannabis companies in the world. Tikun Olam is the pioneer in the treatment of patients with medical cannabis in Israel.  It is privately held and has been operating under a license from the Israel Ministry of Health for over a decade.  Tikun Olam provides unparalleled treatment alternatives through the development of industry leading standards, with the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis available. Tikun Olam together with Tikun maintains ongoing clinical trials in Israel. For more information, please visit tikun-olam.info. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & IG @Tikun_Olam.

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    How To Get That Summer Glow: New It Cosmetics

    Summer is right around the corner and I can’t wait to get that summer glow! These amazing new palettes will provide you with an instant all-over vitality-filled glow, plus a boost of brightening and radiant warmth, in one simple step! From the sensorial experience of the fresh orange scent, to the powerful vitamin C-infused radiance-boosting and brightening formula, Confidence in Your Glow™ transforms your complexion with high-performance, anti-aging ingredients and talc-free, ultra-luxe pigments!

    Why you’ll love IT!

    ü  Delivers your blush, bronzer and highlighter in one simple step for an instant all-over glow
    ü  Drops of Light Technology™ gives you lit-from-within radiance without glitter or shimmer
    ü  Talc-free universal shades look flawless on all skin types and tones
    ü  Anti-aging, skin-brightening vitamin C, plus a super ceramide complex, peptidesand collagen for your most beautiful skin!
    ü  Pairs perfectly with our NEW Heavenly Skin™ One-Sweep Wonder Brush #705
    Confidence in Your Glow is now available to purchase at itcosmetics.com and ulta.com.
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    2017 Spring Beauty Report


    It’s that time of year again where your entire Winter routine gets thrown out the window. The weather is quickly changing and so should your beauty routine! Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle or a new skincare routine, this Spring there is something new for you to try. Check out our 2017 Spring Beauty Report!

    Infusium Hair Care Line

    Designed for women who are intrinsically motivated to aim high and constantly push to get better, Infusium’s new line of multitasking haircare and treatment products combines professional quality with everyday ease for a healthy no-fuss hair routine – transforming hair health with every use. This new and lean lineup is all wrapped up in a vibrant bottle design with elegant fragrances for a luxurious user experience.

    Price:  $6.97-8.49

    Available at: Walmart, Target and Walgreens nationwide.


    Confidence in a Compact with SPF 50+

    Until now, no one has been able to create a serum and combine it with pigments and SPF 50+ for full coverage. Not only does it deliver all the amazing skincare benefits of our best-selling Confidence in a Cream, the groundbreaking solid serum technology and high-performance anti-aging ingredients truly transform your skin!

    Now available in 7 skin transforming shades!

    Price: $38

    Available at: Sephora, Ulta, ItCosmetics.com


    Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment


    The ultimate hydrating, repairing and reconstructing treatment for Medium – Coarse hair textures. It is infused with the exclusive PRO OIL COMPLEX, which leaves hair silky, detangled and frizz-free. It improves hair health, shine and elasticity and is ideal for dry, damaged or color-treated hair. This product is color safe, cruelty-free and free of sulfates, gluten and parabens.

    Price: $39.99

    Available at: Ulta, Ulta.com, MacadamiaHair.com and fine beauty salons nationwide.




    SuperPlump Thickening Blow Dry Spray



    From ColorProof comes this new addition to their super popular SuperPlump line! Check out ColorProof SuperPlump Thickening Blow Dry Spray.

    Vamp up fine hair with this heat-activated, miracle body builder that weightlessly plumps each strand to expand volume and density while smoothing for touchably soft, noticeably thicker hair with maximum color and heat protection. Thicker. Fuller. Stronger.

    Price: $28.00

    Available at: http://www.beautycarechoices.com/


    REVLON Oval





    This revolutionary, two-in-one styling tool delivers beautiful volume and brilliant shine in just one step. The unique oval brush design creates frizz-free volume at the root and beautifully full bodied curls at the ends. The shape features gently curved sides for smoothing hair and round edges for creating gorgeous styles in a single pass. Designed to distribute air quickly and evenly, the Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer dries and styles hair in up to half the time of a traditional blow dryer and curling iron combination for less heat-related damage. Achieve beautiful salon results at home!

     Price: $59.99

    Available at: Ulta, Ulta.com, Bed Bath & Beyond, local Drugstore nationwide.

    Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream

    Make tired eyes look instantly more awake! Developed with plastic surgeons, this clinically shown anti-aging, moisturizing eye cream visibly smooths lines and brightens while reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive, the deeply nourishing, quick-absorbing formula delivers powerful results to leave your eye area looking younger and well-rested.

     Price: $48

    Available at: Sephora, Itcosmetics.com, Ulta

    Jane Iredale Spring 2017 Collection

    In Touch Cream Blush 

    Glide on this moist, cream-to-powder blush stick for soft, dewy and completely natural looking radiance. Check out their new Spring 2017 shade – Candid In Touch Cream Blush.

    • Can also be used on eyes and lips
    • Provides a radiant, lit-from-within glow
    • Key Ingredients: Macadamia Esters hydrate and soothe, Beeswax gives antimicrobial protection

    Price: $27




    Bronzer Refill

    For a sunny glow, this bronzer contains four hues that can be mixed and matched for an all-over sun-kissed look.

    • Sweep across eyes, lips and cheeks for contouring, highlighting or all-over radiance
    • Apply dry or mix with moisturizer or hair gel for dramatic effect on the body and hair
    • Key Ingredients: Mica for glide, Pink Bark Extract and Pomegranate Extract for antioxidant protection

    Price: $44

    Available March 13th 2017 at janeiredale.com


    Live Clean Argan Oil Replenishing Body Wash



    Give your skin a vital dose of moisture with natural argan oil and olive leaf extracts when you lather up with Live Clean Exotic Nectar Replenishing Body Wash.

    Price: $5.99

    Available at: Amazon.com, Bed Bath & Beyond





    Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque


    Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque is the ultimate hydrating, repairing and reconstructing treatment for Medium – Coarse hair textures.  It is infused with the exclusive PRO OIL COMPLEX, which leaves hair silky, detangled and frizz-free while also improving hair health, shine and elasticity. Ideal for dry, damaged or color-treated hair.

    Price: $36.00

    Available at: Ulta, Ulta.com, MacadamiaHair.com and fine beauty salons nationwide.





    Bed Head Textrovert Texturizing Iron, for frizz free lived in texture. Easy to clean barrel with tourmaline gemstone and ceramic emits maximum hair conditioning ions and infrared heat, helping hair retain its own moisture for soft shiny styles in a fraction of the time.

    Price: $29.99

    Available at: Ulta, Ulta.com


    Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment

    Developed with plastic surgeons, this innovative, lip-reviving, color-infused treatment is clinically shown to awaken your lips with intense hydration and your perfect flush of pink! While essential butters and oils, hyaluronic filling spheres and antioxidants smooth the look of lip lines and lock in moisture for your most supple, pillowy-soft results, the proprietary Vitality Lip Flush Technology™ reacts with the warmth of your lips to create a beautiful pop of color that lasts all day.

    Price: $24.00

    Available at: Sephora, Itcosmetics.com, Ulta


    Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics Brow Gel Collection

    Gone are the days of overdrawn, penciled in brows. Whether you’re looking to camouflage sparse spots, add dimension or cover up greys, the Osmosis Colour Brow Gel Collection does it all. Available in 4 shades, this water-resistant, smudge-proof gel lets you fill in, shape, and color brows without flaking or fading. They glide on like a cream and set to last all day. It won’t move until you want it to.

    Complete with an angled brush for a precise application, each glide will make a stroke so natural looking, you would never know it wasn’t real hair. Formulated with emollient beeswax, this unique gel formula dries quickly while mimicking actual hairs to give you full arches in a flash. Great for covering grey hairs, simply dip a clean mascara wand into your brow color, painting each side the desired color. Mix and match tones to coordinate with hair color.

    Price: $25 each

    Available at:  osmosisskincare.com/BrowGel.aspx?cn=2019


    Live Clean Collection

    Founded in 2006, Live Clean was created with a simple vision: to create high performance body, hair, and baby products that celebrate natural beauty while honoring the earth. Live Clean  evokes the beauty in plant-based ingredients to create gentle and effective products that are safe for the environment and at an extremely affordable price. They currently have has three distinct collections: The Fresh Water Collection, The Argan Oil Collection, and the Coconut Milk Collection.

    Price: $5.99

    Available at:Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods.