ISO Beauty Pure Gold 24K Deep Facial Mask

Masks are all the rage and an essential part of your beauty regime. Using a hydration mask at least once a week can dramatically improve your skin. It takes about 30 minutes and can be a meditative routine too. Since masks are wet and sometimes drippy, the best way to use it is laying down horizontally with a towel behind you. It is hard to watch TV or be one the computer while you are waiting for the ingredients to absorb through your skin’s pores.

The skin olympic games is serious and going for the GOLD standard is easy with ISOBeauty’s 24K Mask. It is made of Collagen and water with 24K gold flakes. This high density plant collagen mask does tear easily so be very careful when pulling or stretching it. It feels soft, cool and wet. The wetness absorbs after 20 minutes and you can remove the mask after 40 mins. It has Hyaluronic Acid, Heronsbill Essential Oil, Arbutin, Mountain Lily, Minerals and Gold Dust.

The key ingredient is the nano-gold bits that brighten, moisturizes and tightens your pores. Overall, I think this mask was really fun to use but at a $50/use price tag (6 for $300), I will only reserve it for special occassions!

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