75% Agree Vitamin C Serum Leads to ‘Bouncy’, Resilient Skin

Beauty fans long for skin that ‘bounces back’ from all situations – skin that is plump, strong and bursting with elasticity. In new research, ASDM Beverly Hills has found that its Vitamin C Serum could be the hero product that many are searching for.

The advanced skincare specialist performed randomized tests on 50 participants that had applied the antioxidant product to their skin for just two weeks. After executing the skin turgor test to measure skin’s resiliency, the product, containing 15% Vitamin C, was shown to deliver a significant increase in the skin’s elasticity for 75% of participants.

Alexandra Marquez, from ASDM Beverly Hills said, “Vitamin C is incredibly popular, loved by foodies that want to boost their immune system and add an element of vibrancy to their day. However, we suspected that applying this vitamin topically to the skin as well as ingesting it can bring a number of beauty-boosting benefits, and our recent studies have proved us right!”

In-vitro studies have shown that Vitamin C is an essential ingredient for collagen biosynthesis, producing qualitative changes in the collagen molecule. It also serves as a cofactor for the enzymes prolysyl and lysyl hydroxylase which are responsible for collagen formation, essential for maintaining youthful skin. Regular use of this nutrient can visibly increase collagen production, improving skin’s structural strength and resiliency, as shown in the tests performed by ASDM Beverly Hills.

In order to leverage the collagen boosting capabilities of Vitamin C, ASDM Beverly Hills has developed a scientific serum, combining it with components to add to the effectiveness of the nutrient and to improve the skin’s overall appearance. Green tea extract, hyaluronic acid and pure argon oil are among the other active ingredients infused in every drop of the serum, increasing collagen production while also protecting the skin against free radicals and other harmful external factors.

Alongside the randomized tests, other reviews of the Vitamin C serum from ASDM Beverly Hills highlight the effectiveness of the product, gaining a 4.7 average rating from customers.

To find out more about this skin resiliency secret and to view the full range of paraben-free skincare products from ASDM Beverly Hills, visit the website at www.asdmbeverlyhills.com



ASDM Beverly Hills Corp was founded by Alexandra Marquez in the early spring months of 1998. It all started with one persistent dilemma that drove Alexandra from one dermatologist to another: her melasma. This type of melasma was not simply superficial, but it also had hormonal aspects that motivated her to change her diet, re-balance the alkaline nature of her body and detoxify her cells and organs from everyday accumulated toxicities.

Despite this drastic change in diet, her melasma persisted. After countless failed prescriptions promising to clear up her melasma, Alexandra was ready to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her innovative husband and his background in chemistry, they concocted a unique lightening formula that addressed the main issues of melasma: hydration, exfoliation, targeting, and prevention.

This amazing miracle cream outperformed all of her prescribed creams by not only targeting the issue, but also renewing and nourishing her skin back to health. In less than 3 months, her face was clearer than ever before, with more life and resilience. As is expected with anything that is actually effective, her friends started to notice. And so was born ASDM Beverly Hills basing its humble roots from one remarkable cream: The Arbutin Skin Lightening Cream. It marked an exciting beginning to an amazing collection of skin care products that would prove to be loved by all.