The 90s Fashion Trends That Have Made a Comeback Which We Actually Like

First off, let’s call a spade a spade – the nineties weren’t exactly fashion’s proudest decade. There were the ridiculously oversized flannel shirts that we could somehow forgive men for wearing, but which were unforgivingly unflattering on women. Let’s also never forget the almost invisibly thin eyebrows, lip-pencils that were a different shade than the lipstick, the high-top sneakers and other horrible style choices that we’re still traumatized by. Still, it would be cruel and unfair to say that the decade didn’t have its bright moments, and designers and fast-fashion retailers made it their mission to bring some of them back. Hence, this isn’t a simple walk down memory lane but an actual list or returning favorites that we’re actually happy to be reunited with.

That sexy thing

There are sexy dresses, and then there’s the slip dress. This lingerie-looking garment was one of the nineties staple outfit choices, and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful that it’s back. The list of things to love about this dress is long but we’ll narrow it to a couple of its finest features. First of all, it’s sexy, and with the proper length, it can be incredibly sleek and sophisticated. Second of all, it gives you an incredible boost of confidence as it looks super-flattering. The fabric is usually flowy and breathable, so it follows your figure without appearing vulgar or too revealing. Finally, it’s a wonderful summertime option as it’s breezy and easy to ‘slip’ into, not to mention that it gives you that nonchalant femme fatale quality.

The abundance of denim

Yes, we have witnessed the abundance of denim, which was one of the most unfortunate fashion moments of the decade in question – case in point, Britney and Justin in denim from head to toe. On the other hand, there is one denim jewel that everyone has been sporting, including some of the most influential fashion bloggers – the oversized women’s denim jacket, which in the recent years has gone through an amazing transformation. Unlike the oversized denim jacket of the nineties (Claire Danes in My So-Called Life) that looked like you stole it from your boyfriend, the new and improved version includes some stylish rips, is made of softer denim and it’s a tad more fitted, just to make sure it’s a jacket meant for a girl. The best part is, it goes with almost everything and looks great on every body type.

The choker (re)enters

Fashionistas across the globe have yet to reach a consensus regarding their feelings towards the choker. However, seeing Bella Hadid rock the trend like there’s no tomorrow, we’re inclined to embrace the trend with open arms. Now, this piece of jewelry has gone through some level of transformation as well. Earlier it was mostly made of leather and velvet, but now it comes with a lot of bling – stones, gold, silver, and more often than not accompanied with a bunch of necklaces for a stronger statement. Some may say it’s on its way out again, but we beg to differ.

That sexy thing take 2

Remember the queen of pop – Madonna in that sheer lace getup during her iconic “Vogue” era? Well, the lady has always been controversial, and lace was huge in the nineties. It kind of laid low for a while, but it’s definitely back and more vamp and classier than ever. Bodycon dresses, skater dresses, romantic sheer dresses; whether they’re seductively black or in the new and improved pastel form, we simply can’t get enough of it.

The schoolgirl

Finally, we’ve reached the mini plaid skirt worn not only by one of the nineties most iconic models, Claudia Schiffer but also by one of the most beloved fictitious characters – Cher from Clueless. There is absolutely nothing not to love about this skirt – the print is fantastic, the cut is flattering and it shows just enough leg to keep things interesting while maintaining a certain air of innocence. You could pair it up with knee-high socks but that would be a tad reminiscent of Britney’s Hit me Baby One More Time costume, so just to err on the side of safety and style, take a cue from Schiffer and pair it with black tights and simple black tee.