Video: Day Three @WMCFashion Week

So after day two of World MasterCard Fashion Week, we were pretty disappointed and a little worried that the rest of Fashion Week was going to be um… boring. But as you can see from the picture, Mo and I had lots of fun! Bustle, LINE, VAWK, Cara Cheung and Melissa Nepton were some of my favourite shows.

Highlights of the day?

  • Stacey McKenzie on the BUSTLE runway. She killed the runway, and the crowd was crazy with excitement!
  • The women in the crowd shamelessly flirting with the male models during the BUSTLE show. There was winking, lip licking, whistling… you name it they were doing it lol.

A video for your viewing pleasure 🙂

peace and love


ps: awesome street style pics coming up next!