(TO) The Baby Show

This past weekend, diapers, organic and toys were the talks of Toronto, the Baby Show! My mom and my brother in law went to check it out and everyone is getting really excited for my sister’s first baby! Since my sister lives in Edmonton, Duncan came especially to Toronto to bring home some Chinese herbal secrets and they stopped by the Baby Show too!

Even though he is just a wee one (4 months) we are doing everything we can get the latest and greatest for him!  It has been over 26 years since my mom dealt with babies and it’s a first for Duncan and my sister Michelle. So deep breath here we go!  
Duncan, don’t look so excited!

At the show, there was a huge focus for the organic baby and natural alternatives for raising a healthy baby. Innovation products were paramount this season, along with multi functional strollers, toys and maybe even husbands. Tee hee!  Here are some of the amazing vendors:

So many goodies. Thank you!

More photos here

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