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    Name Your Tune

    One of the exhibitors at the Baby Show, Name Your Tune, offers personalized children’s CDs. This is such a great idea!  For example, you would traditionally sing: Old Macdonald had a farm…. but it would become your child’s name: Oh little Scott had a farm… Get it? This is what happens when you are a mom with a great idea!  I love this and might have to buy it for the baby next Christmas!

    Candace Alper
    About Name Your TuneName Your Tune Personalized CDs is Created and Executive Produced by Candace Alper. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Education degree from OISE/University of Toronto. Candace has been active with children and youth in her community through social programs, summer camps and trips abroad. This project has been a natural progression bringing together her love of music, arts, children and creativity. As mother to seven-year old Hannah, Candace appreciates the impact and joy of music in her child’s every day. It is Candace’s motivation, enthusiasm and vision that have driven this project from its conception through to the hands of each child. Candace is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee, and a Top 3 Mompreneur of the Year by Savvy Mom.

    Eric Alper 
    Co-Founder Eric Alper is an award-winning Canadian Music Industry veteran for more than 15 years. As Director of Media Relations and Label Acquisitions for eOne Music Canada, Eric brings his sought-after perspective and experience to Name Your Tune. He has handled the PR for such prestigious artists as Sir Bob Geldof, Ringo Starr, Ray Charles, Dan Zanes, Robert Munsch, The Wiggles, and hundreds more. His fundraising efforts through Hear Here, the non-profit charitable organization he co-created to purchase hearing aids for kids in families who can’t afford them, and as a board member of the Canadian Music Therapy Association and Artists Against Racism, have totaled over one million dollars. Name Your Tune proudly donates a portion from our CD sales to support Hear Here.

    Jessica Margaritis and Mario Margaritis
    About Name Your TuneJessica and Mario complete the Name Your Tune management team from their offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to taking care of customers on the west coast, they maintain the Name Your Tune post-production studio and oversee our digital music programs. With a background in the Lifestyle and Hospitality Industries, and a love of music and computers, audio-production they are bringing Name Your Tune to a new level. In July 2009 they became parents as they welcomed their daughter Beth and now fully understand the joy of music for young children. 

    Jessica and Candace met on the first day of nursery school when they were three years old and have been best friends for more than 35 years. Now each with daughters of their own, along with their husbands Eric and Mario, they are an example that sometimes it is ok to go into business with your friends.

    You can follow them on Twitter here

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    (TO) The Baby Show

    This past weekend, diapers, organic and toys were the talks of Toronto, the Baby Show! My mom and my brother in law went to check it out and everyone is getting really excited for my sister’s first baby! Since my sister lives in Edmonton, Duncan came especially to Toronto to bring home some Chinese herbal secrets and they stopped by the Baby Show too!

    Even though he is just a wee one (4 months) we are doing everything we can get the latest and greatest for him!  It has been over 26 years since my mom dealt with babies and it’s a first for Duncan and my sister Michelle. So deep breath here we go!  
    Duncan, don’t look so excited!

    At the show, there was a huge focus for the organic baby and natural alternatives for raising a healthy baby. Innovation products were paramount this season, along with multi functional strollers, toys and maybe even husbands. Tee hee!  Here are some of the amazing vendors:

    So many goodies. Thank you!

    More photos here

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  • Toronto

    (TO) The Baby Time Show

    What are you doing this weekend?  If you have been out of the loop, my sister is having a baby boy this spring and we are just so excited!  So… my mom and brother in law will be at this show finding out the latest and greatest….!  Stay tuned for the event recap… If you want to attend, just follow the link at the bottom.
    From prenatal to preschool, The BabyTime Show has you covered!
    Friday November 12th to Sunday November 14th 10:00am-6:00pm
    Friday – 10am to 6pm
           Saturday – 10am to 6pm  
       Sunday – 10am to 6pm 
     Metro Toronto Convention Centre www.babytimeshows.ca
    The BabyTime Show’s approach is truly attendee focused.  They believe in providing attendees with a meaningful and exciting experience at our events.  To that end, they strive to produce events that are dynamic, fun, entertaining and educational and by providing an exciting, interactive show floor, packed with exhibitors who are also attendee focused and family focused. 
    Shop, learn and have fun all within one vibrant place celebrating parenthood!
    • SHOP! TRY & BUY from over 200 Manufacturers, Retailers and Artisans.REGISTER for all your baby needs with Babies “R”Us.
    • TALK TO THE EXPERTS behind your favourite brands and take advantage of great show specials.
    • LEARN from Top Pregnancy and Parenting Experts. 
    • MEET AND GREET your favourite characters and children’s artists including Angelina Ballerina , Marcus, and Fifi & FuzzBuzz from Fifi & the Flowertots 
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