BigBoxPlay Creates the Ultimate Fort

BigBoxPlay take a child’s love of forts and cardboard boxes to the next level by providing a life-sized box system with tunnels and towers that can be arranged and rearranged in endless configurations. Made from durable, double-walled cardboard, the forts are so strong that children can even stand on them! Best of all,they’re easy to take down, and set back up again. . . with large plastic screws holding the pieces together, little hands can do it themselves! Perfect for those living in cold weather climates when you have to beat the indoor blues!

Reignite Imaginations and Playtime with Innovative Life-Size Durable Play System

Nationwide, parents and educators are struggling with the negative impact that digital devices and less physical playtime are having on our children’s development, interactions, and creativity. It’s time to reimagine playtime and get kids back to basics of building imaginary worlds with BigBoxPlay. Tapping a child’s love for building forts with its modular play system, BigBoxPlay is a first-of-its-kind play and learning system that is reimagining playtime!

Wholesome family fun for everyone, BigBoxPlay is a durable “life-size” modular play system designed to spark imagination and teach youngsters important skills like creativity, collaboration, storytelling, empathy and problem-solving — all vital for success in today’s modern life and work.

Unlike the usual flimsy cardboard cut-out play options, BigBoxPlay gives kids a rough and tumble double-walled box system with tunnels and towers that can be arranged and rearranged in endless configurations for hours of fun as they unleash their imaginations.

The BigBoxPlay irresistible play system includes these unique features:

* Extremely strong, durable and modular

* Fun to assemble and quick to disassemble for easy storage

* Customizable with different themes such as castles and spaceships

* Available in different box-sets and configurations to fit any room size or outdoor area

* Environmentally friendly

* Great value and fun for the whole family!

Featuring different themes, activity kits, and Adventure Guides, BigBoxPlay will empower your child to build anything they can imagine while having a special magical experience for hours on end.

BigBoxPlay is getting a boost with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that will be live on May 9, 2017 for 4 weeks. Supporters and fans can take advantage of an exclusive pre-order pricing of $75-$135 with free shipping within the Contiguous U.S. BigBoxPlay units will be shipped to all Kickstarter backers within 3 monthsfrom the end of the campaign. Please go to to learn more about BigBoxPlay and be among the first to receive special discounts for this exciting new product.

About BigBoxPlay:

Frustrated with all the digital toys dominating the market, Founder Pete Moffett wanted a special way to connect with his grandson. Recalling wholesome memories of captivating play experiences from his childhood, BigBoxPlay was developed to take building the best fort to the next level.