Spring into Mother’s Day with Spring Celebration Smoothie!

Mother’s Day is all about pampering — and of course lots of moms are treated with breakfast in bed. This Spring Celebration Smoothie is not only filled with yummy fruits, but it has something extra to keep mom at her peak.
All-natural BROC SPROUT 2 contains whole broccoli sprouts which are the most potent natural dietary source of Sulforaphane, a molecule that’s been widely credited with helping trigger our body’s  natural defense system against conditions like diabetes, cancers, and inflammation.  Think about this: You would need to consume between 5-7 POUNDS of young whole broccoli sprouts daily to get the same benefits that are in two capsules of BROC SPROUT 2! The capsules can be easily swallowed or opened and added into a smoothie! https://youtu.be/YzgapzHwe8E
It’s a healthy (and tasty) way to start mom’s special day!