Urbanhalo – Find Your Favorite Headband Here

It’s always been a choice: headband that fits but causes a headache? Or hair/sweat in the eyes? Thankfully, Urbanhalo has created THE solution!
Urbanhalo is the ultimate headband, specifically created to keep hair out of your face without the headache (literally)! Using their unique fabric, Urbanhalo is stylish AND functional! Joining their chic collection is ALL NEW designs for spring and summer!
Great for exercise and as a stylish hair accessory, get ready to enjoy your new favorite headband year round! Urbanhalo headbands feature:
  • Unique fabric blend
  • Created in the US
  • Crazy soft, but able to wick away sweat
  • Nylon-free (keeping you headache-free!)
  • Super stretchy so that you get the perfect fit
  • Great for Women, Men and in kid sizing, too
  • Fashionable and functional!
Whether heading to the gym or to the office, Urbanhalo has the unique blend of staying in place and comfortably. With so many styles to choose from, Urbanhalo is great for Women, Men and in kid’s sizing, too!
Urbanhalo was created out of need when founder Jen Joas couldn’t find the ideal headband for her daily jog. Hoping to find something that looked good and kept sweat off her face without causing a headache, she started her quest to find the perfect fabric combination and Urbanhalo was born!
Here are several my favorite styles:
Mad Hatter
Halo Baby No. 29
Paisley Park 
$15 – learn more at Urbanhalo.com

At UrbanHalo, we’re about more than just our headbands and studio scarves, we’re about connecting with our customers, making their experiences with our company and products an exceptional one, and sharing the love of handmade goodness. Unlike many other companies, our customers help shape our business and are an integrated part of who we are (did you know each and every one of our designs are named by our facebook fans?). Our story wouldn’t be the same without them.