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    Visiting the NYC Time Warner Medialab

      The Time Warner Medialab is New York’s state-of-the-art research lab focus on consumer behavior across the content spectrum! All the research done in this building allows Time Warner and its key partners an opportunity to understand consumer insights from media, all the way through retail environment as well. The Medialab, as TW calls the space, is based on the company’s Manhattan Time Warner Center headquarters and exists to, in official terms, “[incorporate] cutting-edge technologies and research techniques [to provide] an unmatched ability to test consumer engagement throughout the entire 360° media-to-retail experience.” Complete with biometric monitoring and eye-tracking capabilities, as well as focus group space for the old-fashioned analysts out there…

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    Introduce Emily Zhao for HEYDOYOU NewYork

    Hi everyone! I am Emily Zhao who is going to take over the part of New York HEYDOYOU blog. I am so excited to introduce myself to you. I originally come from Shanghai China and came to New York last year to study media at Graduate school. In this year, I have experienced a brand new lifestyle, and continuously learn things: skateboarding, barre, coding……and the most important thing, enjoying living by myself in this city. So…it is a great honor to take the chance of sharing the events, products, and stories I feel thrilled about to you. Remember to stay tuned to see the news stories I bring out to…

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    Let me start with a question – What is the most important thing to you? I guess 99% of the people will say –  Health. Of course! Everything has to be done based on a good health condition. But for the snacks lovers like me, we are always looking for something putting into the mouth – chips, candies and chocolates. No worries, I am going to introduce the snacks I eat everyday to you and I don’t feel guilty at all! Plant-Based foods are the 2018 snacking trend as many consumers are choosing Meatless Mondays and adding more vegetables in their daily regime. This shift has led to ‘the veggie…

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    Super Coffee + Super Creamer Making you Super Human – Super Creamer Available TODAY

    Need energy at morning? Yes! Here is a Super Coffee you have to know, grab and carry it on the way to work. But why it names Super Coffee, I have the same question until I tried it! Believe me, you will love it, starting from your first sip. KITU LIFE, created and founded by three brothers and we see why it is all of a sudden going viral. KITU LIFE is growing to dominate the beverage industry and just announced the launch of Super Creamer, which is going to have coffee drinkers replace their coffee mate with this new product! All-Natural Made with Organic Ingredients Keto Diet Certified No…

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    Subway® Restaurants Raise the Steaks with New Chipotle Cheesesteak

    I remember the time when I work at the office in Chelsea, New York. I tried to explore the food in Chelsea and I find out there are no good places to grab and go for a short lunch break. But there is one place I went a lot and I loved it. It is Subway. You can get whatever you want at there, balance the nutrition, more vegi, more meat, or just seafood? They have everything. It was a so great experience to try their new Chipotle Cheesesteak last week. I believe this flavor will become super popular nationwide! Subway® restaurants are taking its fan-favorite steak sandwich to new levels…

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    Murad – REVITALIXIR™ RECOVERY SERUM for face and eyes

    Get ready for the season’s change? Not yet… The weather becomes a little weird and cool down so fast, I still keep my mind in the summer though. What should I do to maintain my energy with a good mood and a good…skin! Having a good skin is so important to me during the season’s change, because that makes me feel like not aging. A nice serum helps a lot! This is the one I use right now – Murad! For decades, Dr. Murad has been a leader in modern skincare and stress-related care, even identifying Cultral Stress™, the phenomenon induced by the demands of modern-day living. While stress is…

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