FurZapper for every Pet Owner

Every dog owner knows, they have ‘dog clothes’ and going out clothes. We try our best to keep these separate so we don’t look insane when we go out. The dog clothes are just clothes that we don’t mind getting fur and drool on. The other clothes have to remain fur free! We do let Cami on the but not the sofa and we keep up with vacuuming the house each day too. So once I discovered FurZapper, I had excited to try it out!

I have been using it in the wash and dryer and I think it definitely helps.

Try this product out if you have a furry friend 🙂

Pet owners love their furry friends, but no one loves the hair they leave behind! FurZapper is an easy solution to removing pet hair from clothes, pet bedding, blankets and more.


Just toss it into the washer and dryer with your laundry and let it work its magic. This tacky, flexible disc is just sticky enough to gently collect and pull fur, hair, dust and debris from items as they tumble through the cycles. It’s non-toxic, re-usable, hypoallergenic and 100% made in the USA.

So, if you’re tired of washing and drying your clothes and still having pet hair all over, try FurZapper!

It can be found at www.furzapper.com as well as Walmart and Amazon.