Feel the Love on Valentine’s Day with PetPlate

A survey from Plano Pet Treats indicates that we like to bestow our pets with special treats on the most romantic day of the year. PetPlate.com is a perfect gift for pet parents who want to show their furry friends their affection on Valentine’s Day by feeding them a wholesome diet of fresh-cooked ingredients, without any of the work.

PetPlate.com makes it easy for pet parents to nourish their pets with love by delivering fully-prepared meals made from real ingredients, such as USDA meat and fresh vegetables. PetPlate meals do not contain any by-products, rendered meats or preservatives. The meals are designed by a veterinary clinical nutritionist for nutritional balance, and are pre-portioned and ready to serve. Cold-pressure technology is used to destroy harmful bacteria and lock in nutrition and flavor. The company offers a convenient subscription service that automatically ships the meals directly to the consumer on a regular basis.

As you know, both Jacob and Cami were on home cooked meals! Jacob almost always had chicken stew or beef stew and Cami has been on raw since 8 weeks old. I am always open to checking out new ways to feed your pet. I think PetPlate is a wonderful option for people who don’t have time to cook for their dogs.

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