The best thing ever is you can share a book with your kid together. But I know you don’t love those childish stories only about rabbits and mermaids, you want to share something more fun and cooler with your kids. Here is a book I highly recommend which can bring a different experience!

The Darkness in Lee’s Closet and the Others Waiting There is a middle grade fantasy novel.

A macabre adventure set in the world of the dead, it’s a thrill ride full of frights and frolics that can only be overcome with the strength of family, friendship, and faith in oneself.

A loving homage to classic children’s literature, from Gulliver’s Travels to Oliver Twist to Alice in Wonderland to The Wizard of Oz, the book is peppered with literary allusions, historical references and other “Easter eggs.”

The cast of characters is a diverse motley crew from different countries and points in history, like sassy Spanish skeleton Óseo, French Revolution royal Madame Couronne, and Percy, the Victorian adventurer with an apt Shakespeare quote always at the ready.

Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, and always exciting, The Darkness in Lee’s Closet and the Others Waiting There is a story for children of all ages.


Lee just wants her dad back. But the land of the dead is a dangerous place.

When her father dies, Lee’s life is torn apart. The only comfort she finds is in the complete darkness of her closet, where she sleeps at night.

When she discovers the darkness leads to the afterlife, she hatches a plan—to find her dad and bring him back home.

With the help of four very talkative, very dead companions she finds trapped in the darkness, she sets off on a quest through the afterworlds.

But a little live girl does not belong there. Lee will have to face frightening dangers and use all her courage and cunning if she wishes to save her father, her friends, and herself.

Publisher: Aelurus Publishing (

Book length: 56,000 words/250 pgs.

Formats: paperback RRP $11.99, Kindle $4.99. Standard terms.

About the author

Roy Schwartz has written for newspapers, magazines, websites, academic organizations, tech companies, toy companies, and production studios. The Darkness in Lee’s Closet and the Others Waiting There is his debut novel.

He graduated magna cum laude from The New School University with a BA in English, majoring in creative writing, and cum laude from NYU with an interdisciplinary MA in English and social thought. He has taught English and freshman seminars at CUNY, the City University of New York, and is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library. When not writing, he is the director of communications of a regional law firm.

He can be found at as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as RealRoySchwartz.