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    Ninja Kitties are hoping to bring hope and positive thoughts to children in 2022 and beyond

    Fox Chapel Publishing is pleased to announce a new character-driven children’s book series and brand: Ninja Kitties. Packed with messages of goodness, kindness, and empathy, the Ninja Kitties—seven royal kitties who transform into ninja kitties to save the day—make their debut this year.

    Fox Chapel Publishing worked closely with award-winning creator Kayomi Harai to introduce an empowering book series for young children. Harai originally envisioned Ninja Kitties to inspire children to believe in their inner strengths.

    The psychology of play was also a key factor during the creation of Ninja Kitties. Brand advisor Sujata Luther, a former EVP of Nickelodeon Consumer Insights, was on the creative board to map out characters and situations that would make a strong impact on children and their families—especially during today’s environment.

    “As kids and parents are navigating today’s complicated and nuanced landscape in their journey through childhood,” says Luther. Ninja Kitties is the perfect stage for teaching valuable life lessons.”

    Fox Chapel Publishing will launch several books in 2022 with more to follow in 2023. I’d love to send you a sneak peek of the books!

    Meet Zumi

    Zumi is the oldest kitty. She is super kind and smart. Zumi is a black belt super ninja, and she can jump super high!

    Sometimes Zumi doesn’t remember to listen. She also wants everything to be perfect. Her brothers and sisters help her remember to listen and include everyone’s ideas.

    This uplifting picture book combines an empowering story with engaging play that teaches kids the valuable lesson of listening to others! Activity pages for kids are included, each themed around working together, from crossword puzzles and word searches to mazes, trivia, and seek-and-find games—plus tons of cool stickers!

    About the Author

    Award-winning professional artist Kayomi Harai worked as a commercial art illustrator and animal portrait artist in her native Japan before moving to California. Known for her watercolor paintings of bright-eyed cats in precarious situations, her lifelike artistry has captivated collectors for years. Her works have been exhibited around the world, and are licensed in collectible plates, figurines, puzzles, t-shirts, prints, posters, and greeting cards.

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    New Children’s Book Tells Story of Self-Identity, Acceptance & Animal Rescue

    Robert Vincent’s real-life tale of son’s black cat saved by a homeless woman

    Author Robert Vincent has written and illustrated “From the Pocket of an Overcoat” (Friendly Falls Press; Archway Publishing from Simon & Schuster), a children’s book inspired by the real-life story of a black cat named Max who was rescued by a homeless woman in Dallas.

    “From the Pocket of an Overcoat” tells the story of an affable cat, Max Buckles, through his adventure of finding a new home and family – and being loved for who he is. He goes from the cozy overcoat pocket of Sally in the city, to the country with Farmer Buckles and his other animals, including his four dogs – Sam, Tots, Scotty, and Junior Buckles. Along the way, Max discovers a true sense of belonging within his new family. As told through the journey of Max the cat, this is a story about self-identity, acceptance, animal rescue and adoption. The inspiration for the story comes from Vincent’s son Matthew, who adopted Max in 2010.

    “I was inspired by the amazing story of the real Max the cat,” notes Vincent. “Almost everyone struggles with self-identity and being loved for their authentic selves. This book embraces those concepts and lets kids – and adults – find solace in the courage of this wonderful black cat.”

    “From the Pocket of an Overcoat” retails for $17.99 and is sold on BN online and Amazon begins from November 22, 2021; it is currently available at Valencia Sport Saddlery and Glenroy’s Equestrian Gifts in Los Angeles. A portion of each book sale will be donated to organizations that promote animal rescue and adoption – The Humane SocietyBest Friends, and Alley Cat Allies.

    About Robert Vincent

    Robert Vincent is a children’s book author and illustrator, as well as the author of a number of other literary works. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kathy. Robert and Kathy’s son Matthew is a violinist with Oakland Symphony and Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera. In December 2010, Matthew adopted a lovable black cat named Max. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland continues the story of a little Italian Greyhound with three legs who is adopted by a loving family in the first book in the series, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home. Her adventures continue in Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, where Miss Olive encounters bullying and learns that her superpower is kindness and finds true friendships.

    In the third book in the trilogy Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland, Miss Olive wonders about the true meaning of the holidays, discovering the greatest gift of all is the joy of being with her “furever” family and friends and sharing the joy of the holidays with others. Miss Olive is delighted to discover that she not only has a “furever” home with “furever” friends, she also learns the true meaning of joy during the holidays.

    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Wonderland, the third installment in the award-winning Miss Olive children’s book trilogy from The Doggy Diva Diaries, continues the rescue dog’s adventures with the adored pup learning the true meaning of the holidays.

    Written by Susan Marie and Miss Olive, and Illustrated by Rebekah Phillips, the story is about Miss Olive anticipating the celebration of the season and wonders if there is more to the holidays than receiving gifts. She joyfully discovers that the greatest gift of all is the love and kindness you share with your family, friends and others.

    “Through Miss Olive’s eyes, kids remember to appreciate all the magic that is around them during the holidays. They see Miss Olive learn that what’s important are the friends who surround her during this time,” said author Susan Marie.

    Recently recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards with a 2021 NAPPA Award, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland also won an award from Creative Child Magazine for 2021 Book of the Year Award in Kid’s Holiday Themed Books category.

    Recommended for ages four through nine, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland with its message of kindness and love, shows children that the true meaning of the holidays is the joy of giving to others.

    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland continues the story of a little Italian Greyhound with three legs who is adopted by a loving family in the first book in the series, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home. Her adventures continue in Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, where Miss Olive encounters bullying and learns that her superpower is kindness and finds true friendships. In the third book in the trilogy Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland, Miss Olive wonders about the true meaning of the holidays, discovering the greatest gift of all is the joy of being with her “furever” family and friends and sharing the joy of the holidays with others. Miss Olive is delighted to discover that she not only has a “furever” home with “furever” friends, she also learns the true meaning of joy during the holidays.

    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home and Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland are available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and other online book retailers.

    Learn more about Susan, Miss Olive and Miss Olive’s book trilogy by visiting www.TheDoggyDiva.com.

    About Susan Marie

    For over fifteen years, Susan Marie has been spreading the word about puppy love through her award winning podcast , The Doggy Diva Show. On her show, Susan interviews pet industry experts, bestselling authors, pet health and lifestyle professionals and representatives from animal rescue organizations. Past guests include Bob Barker, Dean Koontz, and America’s Veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker. The Doggy Diva Show can be heard on Pet Life Radio, Apple, Google Play, Stitcher and Speak Up Talk Radio.

    Susan is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators as well as the Dog Writer’s Association of America and the Florida Writers Association. A devoted champion of animals, Susan donates a portion of the proceeds from Miss Olive books to animal rescue organizations. She’s passionate about passing along the love of animals to future generations.

    About Miss Olive:
    Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Home, Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Friends and Miss Olive Finds Her Furever Winter Wonderland are the first, second and third books (respectively) in a trilogy about the adventures of Miss Olive, an Italian Greyhound rescue. The real Miss Olive was adopted in 2015 by author Susan Marie from Italian Greyhound Rescue Gulf Coast. Miss Olive was a victim of neglect and health issues, having lost her teeth due to lack of medical attention and one of her legs to cancer. The neglect and illness that she experienced has never affected her loving, gentle spirit; she is always ready for a snuggle. Miss Olive joins Susan Marie at the microphone each week as the co-host of The Doggy Diva Show on Pet Life Radio.

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    BOOK OF HUGS – A Story About Achieving Your Dreams

    Share some love and give a hug with Teddy Bear Tim. Teddy Bear Tim LOVES hugs! He loves hugs so much that he wants to share all of his favorite kinds of hugs with you. Whether it’s a happy hug, a sad hug, a fast hug, or a bear hug, Tim has three simple steps to follow to make sure you’re giving the very best hug you can give. Inspired by Tim Harris’s love for giving big bear hugs and his restaurant that offered up hugs on the menu, Book of Hugs, this charming how-to guide gives readers so many reasons to give someone a big hug!

    Motivational speaker, disability advocate, and restaurateur Tim Harris’ debut picture book, Book of Hugs, publishes this September. Inspired by Tim’s love of giving big bear hugs and his restaurant that offered up hugs on the menu, this charming how-to guide inspires readers with plenty of reasons to give someone a big hug!

    Colorful characters Teddy Bear Tim and his trio of energetic monkey friends share tips on delivering the very best hugs – no matter whether they are happy hugs, sad hugs, fast or slow hugs. Every type of hug is about sharing love. As the book says, “Love is the most important part!”

    In our new world of pandemic etiquette and a post #MeToo era, setting and respecting boundaries and gaining consent are among the most important practices we can instill in children. Book of Hugs is an entertaining story that can lead into deeper discussions about permission and new norms.


    About the author: Tim Harris

    Tim Harris is a motivational speaker, business owner, and disability advocate. He is really good at giving hugs. For a long time, Tim owned his own restaurant and he even had free hugs on the menu. They were so popular that Tim has now hugged over 75,000 people, including the president of the United States! Tim really does love hugs, mostly because he loves LOVE and that is what hugs are all about. This is Tim’s first children’s book.

    About the illustrator: Charlie Astrella

    Chalrie Astrella graduated from the University of Teesside with a First Class Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Animation. He now works in 3D modeling, animation, and 2D illustration to create works of art he is proud of. He has experience in advertising, product design, video games, and children’s books.


    Note: Upcoming National Hug Day and Hug-a-thon:

    On the weekend of January 21st – 23rd, Tim and his family are relaunching the Hug-a-thon. The goal is to get ONE MILLION hugs and ONE MILLION dollars in donations, all to benefit the Hearts of Joy International charity. Details are unfolding now and more will be shared in the Fall. This incredible non-profit provides life-saving heart surgery for children born with Down Syndrome. Learn more at Hearts of Joy International.


    “With the help of some monkeys, a teddy bear teaches readers all about hugs. Teddy Bear Tim (the author’s teddy-bear persona) waves to readers and declares, ‘I LOVE hugs!’ His upbeat narration continues as Teddy Bear Tim meets up with a trio of cuddly monkeys who share the love for hugs—and bananas. The four characters list many different kinds of hugs (like ‘happy hugs,’ ‘slow hugs,’ or ‘monkey hugs’) before Teddy Bear Tim shares the ‘three simple steps’ to giving a hug. They are: ask first, open arms wide, and wrap the other person in a hug (‘tight, but not too tight’). Once the instructions are given, Teddy Bear Tim describes some hugging scenarios and acts them out with the monkeys. From running full-bore into each other’s arms to a 5-second ‘quick hug,’ the hugs all point back to Teddy Bear Tim’s key precept: ‘The LOVE is the most important part.’

    Motivational speaker and disability advocate Harris’ debut picture book affirms the joy of hugs while highlighting the importance of consent. Astrella’s expressive cartoon characters and energetic hugging sequences show his animation background.”

    Kirkus Reviews


    About Flower Pot Press:

    Since 2005 Flowerpot Press has been planting the seeds that help young minds grow, offering a broad range of books.  The Hayes family has been in the publishing and media business for two generations now. The family members grew up living in the midst of the golden periods of publishing and media distribution.

    Watching and participating in the growth of their father’s children’s publishing business, they learned from the ground up and understood the unique character and needs that publishing for young children demanded. Anne and Pat served in every role from warehouse operation to acquisition, design, licensing, printing production, and editing to name a few areas.

    As entrepreneurs, they separately and together founded companies still owned, integrating other media such as video and music. This well-rounded creative team uses a hands-on approach in every aspect of the business, first and foremost because they love it. Pat is also a published author in his own right. Anne (our publisher and CEO) lives in the Toronto area with her husband and family operating the Canadian office of Flowerpot Press, while Pat and his family live in Franklin, Tennessee, and operate the US office of the company.

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    The best thing ever is you can share a book with your kid together. But I know you don’t love those childish stories only about rabbits and mermaids, you want to share something more fun and cooler with your kids. Here is a book I highly recommend which can bring a different experience!

    The Darkness in Lee’s Closet and the Others Waiting There is a middle grade fantasy novel.

    A macabre adventure set in the world of the dead, it’s a thrill ride full of frights and frolics that can only be overcome with the strength of family, friendship, and faith in oneself.

    A loving homage to classic children’s literature, from Gulliver’s Travels to Oliver Twist to Alice in Wonderland to The Wizard of Oz, the book is peppered with literary allusions, historical references and other “Easter eggs.”

    The cast of characters is a diverse motley crew from different countries and points in history, like sassy Spanish skeleton Óseo, French Revolution royal Madame Couronne, and Percy, the Victorian adventurer with an apt Shakespeare quote always at the ready.

    Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, and always exciting, The Darkness in Lee’s Closet and the Others Waiting There is a story for children of all ages.


    Lee just wants her dad back. But the land of the dead is a dangerous place.

    When her father dies, Lee’s life is torn apart. The only comfort she finds is in the complete darkness of her closet, where she sleeps at night.

    When she discovers the darkness leads to the afterlife, she hatches a plan—to find her dad and bring him back home.

    With the help of four very talkative, very dead companions she finds trapped in the darkness, she sets off on a quest through the afterworlds.

    But a little live girl does not belong there. Lee will have to face frightening dangers and use all her courage and cunning if she wishes to save her father, her friends, and herself.

    Publisher: Aelurus Publishing (aeluruspublishing.com)

    Book length: 56,000 words/250 pgs.

    Formats: paperback RRP $11.99, Kindle $4.99. Standard terms.

    About the author

    Roy Schwartz has written for newspapers, magazines, websites, academic organizations, tech companies, toy companies, and production studios. The Darkness in Lee’s Closet and the Others Waiting There is his debut novel.

    He graduated magna cum laude from The New School University with a BA in English, majoring in creative writing, and cum laude from NYU with an interdisciplinary MA in English and social thought. He has taught English and freshman seminars at CUNY, the City University of New York, and is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library. When not writing, he is the director of communications of a regional law firm.

    He can be found at royschwartz.com as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as RealRoySchwartz.

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    No matter where you stand, everyone can agree that the current political climate is very heated. The news is full of stories about harshly worded tweets, travel bans and building walls, and there is level of national tension unlike ever before.

    Author Patty Costello, PhD, was thinking about this as she marched with her one-year-old son at the 2017 Women’s March. She, like so many parents of young children today, wondered what kind of world her son would grow up in. How could she teach him about kindness, compassion and inclusivity when so many of our nation’s leaders seem to emphasize just the opposite?

    It was right then that she felt inspired to do something, and decided to write a children’s book that would teach kids to embrace those with differences and tear down the “walls” that keep us separate. The result is her debut title geared toward readers ages 4-8, Catalina and the King’s Wall (May 5, 2018, Eifrig Publishing).

    Catalina and the King’s Wall follows Catalina, a brilliant and busy baker who works for a tyrant king. When Catalina hears of the King’s plans to build a wall around the kingdom to keep the neighboring village out, she fears her family won’t ever be able to visit her again. Catalina tries to trick the King into building a wall that won’t stand up to the wind or rain – but he keeps demanding something more and more impenetrable. In the end, her cookie dough wall does remains steadfast in the face of a fierce storm, much to Catalina’s chagrin. At the last minute, she tricks the King into giving into his gluttonous ways, as he eats the entire wall, and Catalina is once again reunited with her family.

    Catalina and the King’s Wall is a fun story, but it also teaches kids how to stand by their convictions and practice inclusivity and compassion, even when powerful people tell them not to,” says Costello, who has a PhD in neuroscience and is the program director of the BS Psychology Program at Walden University.

    Available for interviews around the launch, Costello can speak to topics such as:

    • Why and how you should talk to your kids about race and bias today’s heated climate
    • How to best use storybooks to teach children about inclusivity and diversity
    • Mad about something? Make a difference! Five simple ways to start being an activist for change
    • Using neuroscience to combat hate: What science says about raising implicitly and explicitly compassionate children
    • Current events: Do we shield our kids from them or talk about the good, bad and ugly?

    Patty Costello, PhD, lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, a zany awesome toddler, a dog named Pippa, and a dog named Spencer. She grew up in the Twin Cities and is a Minnesotan at heart (you betcha!). She has a BS in Psychology from the University of St. Thomas and a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota. Costello currently works as the program director for the BS Psychology Program at Walden University. At all hours of the day (and night), she can be found standing at her desk, helping her university run smoothly and working on her next children’s book, which follows her debut title Catalina and the King’s Wall. For fun, she likes to trail run, mountain bike, cross country ski, and hike. She is also a voracious volunteer for various local organizations.

    For more information, visit www.pattycostellobooks.com and connect with Costello on Instagram and Twitter.

    Catalina and the King’s Wall has been available through AmazonBarnes and Noble and in select bookstores as of May 5, 2018.